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     Shani Amavasya(Saturn No Moon Day) is coming up on Thursday 26th May 2017. According to popular folklore and some old text this is the day when Saturn was born. According to Vedic Calendar, Saturn's birthday falls in the Vaisakha Month and on the day of No Moon. This is the one day when fear, superstition, irrational thoughts and ignorance would reign supreme in the hearts and minds of the people. There woud be wastage of Oil, Mustard Seeds and a lot of other things which could have been fed to the poor and needy. If all that oil and mustard seeds were given to the poor and needy it would have made Saturn a lot happier but as they say: "What you do not understand is what you fear".

     There have been countless articles to remove unncessary fear of Saturn on this website. That include Saturn, Saturn and Superstition, Saturn: Teacher or Tormentor, Sade Sati, Difficulties and InstabilityBad Sade-Sati Good ResultsSaturn's Transit: A New PerspectiveSaturn-Mars Mutual Aspect and Remedies For Saturn. But inspite of all of them there are only a few people who can be convinced to leave the irrational fear of Saturn. A few things might have changed in our own perspective as Astrologers. For example in the article: Saturn and Superstition it is written not to go to Saturn Temples but now it appears its not a bad idea to visit a temple of Saturn. After all Shree Krishna says in Chapter Seven Verse Tweny One and Twenty Two that he is fine with worship of other Gods and Dieties. He gives fruits of your Karma through them. When Lord Krishna says something you just gotta listen. 

     But does that mean pouring and wasting of oil should be allowed? Most definitely not is our humble opinion as Astrologers. And yes Shree Krishna echoes those sentiments in Chapter Nine Verse Twenty Six that he only accepts fruit, flower, water and letter from devotees. Lord Shiva accepts anything and that includes meat also according to popular texts but nowhere does Mahadev(Lord Shiva) state he wants himself to be fed milk and wants his devotees to be left hungry. Bottomline is its fine to donate oil to the poor and needy. Saturn would be a lot happier by this selfless donation. Castor oil and mustard seeds are associated with Saturn cause Saturn causes flatluence and other digestive diseases. And consuming castor oil and mustard seeds is fast and easy way to remove all those diseases related to digestion and gas. Nothing more to it really. 

     What about Shani Chalisa, Hanuman Chalisa and other coutless Saturn Hymns and Prayers which are used to scare people? Well actually its not at all bad idea to cultivate the habits of Hanuman. He is the loyal and devoted servant of Lord Rama and his selfless devotion was such that not even someone as powerful as Saturn could harm him. But just don't start offering oil to Hanuman either. He isn't the type to be happy by pouring of oil. He only loves selfless devotion. 

     What you don't understand is what you fear and that is why it is necessary to understand how Saturn works. He is just a judge appointed by Lord Shiva. A judge cannot punish you unless you have done any crime. And a judge has to give you parole/bail if you remain on good behavior. His job is to give punishment befitting your crime. Remember No Crime No Punishment. And sometimes he also needs to reward a person for good karma and behavior. If and when a person learns to let go of unneceesary fear and start doing good karma this great nemesis called Saturn would automatically move out of his/her way. 


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