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Unnecessary Fear Of Saturn

     As explained in the article Saturn it is unnecessarily feared and usually his effects are blown out of proportions. There are a couple of odd superstitions related with Saturn. It is a human tendency to feel anger, anguish and fear of things which we do not comprehend. But it is necessary to understand the cause of fear and worries to get a solution in life. Here are a couple of superstitions commonly associated with Saturn which are dispelled through adequate reasoning. Furthermore the activities done or suggested to pacify Saturn are also properly analyzed.

Sade-Sati is always bad

     This is the most unwarranted fear one could come across. As soon as a Sade-Sati starts people start to think that the next seven and half years of life would be hell. Some smart ones refer to an astrologer and decipher the effects of all 3 phases of two and half period to know which is bad and which is favorable for them. The Astrologer is equally to blame as he instills unnecessary fear in the native regarding Saturn.

Reality: Sade-Sati of Saturn is an excellent time to burn past life karma be it good or bad. It only gives back what you've given in the past life and this life before the Sade-Sati began. Depending on your karma all three sub-periods could be good like heaven or bad like hell. So just think of doing good karma and eventually nothing bad would happen. Progress is stalled but that doesn't mean one doesn't get the fruits of hard work ever.

Offering Oil Prevents Bad Effects Of Saturn

     This is another crazy theory propagated by astrologers and priest alike. Obviously they would make a fortune out of it so they would love to see more and more people coming to offer oil. Imagine a temple where everyone offers 100 ml of oil to the idols. Say 300 people come to the temple out of which 200 pour oil on the idol. That equates to 20 liter of oil being wasted on a Saturday alone. That are rough statistics for one temple. Say in India and abroad there are around 1000 temples of Lord Hanuman and Saturn. So Saturday amounts for 20,000 liters of oil wastage due to a stupid superstition. That oil could have been used to feed the poor, export to other countries or even cook for oneself (after all God resides in each and every soul)

Reality: Saturn is the significator for Scarcity, Famine and Drought. Imagine you go to Sahara Desert and waste water in front of the native who resides there. You can imagine how angry he would because he has to struggle very hard to get drinking water. Same way one can only imagine how mad Saturn would be by wastage of oil on idols. It is better to donate oil to a poor cause Saturn is also a significator for Poverty. 

Praying & Appeasing Saturn Only Solution

     Many natives do religious mantra, superstitious activities and speak prayers of God and Saturn all day long. While there is no harm in prayers of God, prayers to a planet are not right unless absolutely necessary. They are just planets who follow a fix trajectory. They won't change their trajectory for anyone. So why bother appeasing them?

Reality: Saturn couldn't care less about appeasement cause he is a judge of people's karma and he has to stay impartial and deliver due justice to the native. It doesn't matter to him if one is a King or Servant, Rich or Poor, Religious or Non-Believer. Prayers to your favorite Gods once in a day and doing your routine work with honor and dignity give far better results. They are like a mercy plea in front of Judge Saturn and he would oblige and give mercy for sure.

Saturn's Aspect Is Always Bad

     This concept might not be totally false cause even the literature's on Saturn propagate this concept. But what they also describe is Saturn is the judge of one's karma. 

Reality: Saturn gives results of past lives karma and that maybe an accumulation of many lives. Unless a native has done horrendous acts in his/her past lives it is not possible that horoscope houses which are aspected by Saturn at birth-time keep on giving continuous bad results. What is necessary to know is Saturn gives good or bad results to each house its transits or aspects when it moves in a Gochara Transit.

Understand him, Fear Him Later

     In the end try not to fret about Saturn like he is some relentless stalker or merciless killer. Just keep calm through periods of Saturn and try to do your Karma as effectively as you can. Understand that failures and disappointments are part and parcel of life and they help us stay grounded.

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