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   Mangal Dosha arises when Mars occupies 12th house, 1st house, 2nd house, 4th house, 7th house or 8th house in a horoscope. Some astrologers even consider Moon Ascendant, Navamsha Ascendant and Venus Ascendant also. Chances that one has a Mangal Dosha shoot up from about 50% to about 75% if both Moon Ascendant is also considered. 

     Mangal Dosha is nothing to worry about. It is likely to be present in 50% of the population atleast. What is necessary to understand is the nature of Planet Mars in Astrology. Mars is fiery and strong, quick and trustworthy, harsh in speech but honest. Natives with a strong Mars get angry quickly, are harsh in speech, fast in speed and actions as well as angry at drop of a hat but it can also be said they are strong in calamities, trustworthy in relationship and honest with partners. So why the fear?

     Marriage is a contract which cannot be declared void as it has clauses. It is an agreement which cannot be broken without consequences. So it is only natural for astrologers and believers to fear Mangal Dosha. After all you couldn't live with a person who is angered, craves excessive sexual pleasures and is quite harsh in speech. Slowly but surely the detachment of Ketu and despair of Saturn start to cloud a partner's mind and partner eventually opts for divorce. Is it worth the risk going into marriage if such a scenario occurs? While these are far fetched theories and assumptions it is also necessary to accept that a human mind is prone to think positive or negative thoughts based on character and situations. Lets look at the most likely relationships which are likely to suffer adverse effects due to Mangal Dosha. 

     Mars in a horoscope (counted from ascendant) casts an aspect on the 4th house, 7th house and 8th house from its placement. In a marriage the native (suggested through 1st house), partner (suggested through 7th house), the immediate family of native (suggested through 2nd house) and immediate family of partner (suggested through 8th house), physical relationship (suggested through 12th house), vitality and life of native (suggested through 8th house) and life & vitality of partner (suggested through 2nd house) play a very important role in long time survial of the marriage and Mars in any of these locations is enough to bring Mangal Dosha into equation for astrologers. Mars placement or aspect on the following houses causes problems according to astrologers. But it isn't so wrong to say in today's world as long as two people get along and have good physical relationship everything else is trivial. In the long term even the physical relationship is redundant and only understanding between two individuals is primary. But since humans like to socialize every equation for relationship is taken into consideration by astrologers. 

There are various remedies on Mangal Dosha provided as mentioned below:

  1. Marrying another person with Mangal Dosha which may not always be useful
  2. Fasting from first tuesday of a month based on lunar calendar. This helps greatly especially if no salt is consumed on tuesday and less salt is consumed on other days. Reduction in sodium and potassium level not only reduces blood pressure but it also reduces excessive energy and fiery emotions in natives with a Mangal Dosha
  3. Donating blood once every three month. While this solution has no scientific or religious validity associated it is not a bad idea just for the sake of blood donation drive to prosper. It doesn't harm an individual if blood is donated and it also helps the society.
  4. Worship of Lord Hanuman, reciting Sunder Kand and visiting Hanuman temples. This helps greatly cause Lord Hanuman is lord of wisdom. He has strength and courage but is humble and submissive at the same time. This trait is subconsiously cultiaved in native by prayers to Lord Hanuman.

     Mangal Dosha is not as troublesome issue for marriage as it is made out to be. All it requires is to be aware of it if indeed present in horoscope and if this dosha is not cancelled by other factors. Even if you don't give a damn about Mangal Dosha it is worth to note that anger, libidous nature and harsh speech can destroy any relationship and careful consideration needs to be given not to cross your limit in a relationship. 

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