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     Saturn's Transit via Sagittarius Sign is about to start around 26th January 2017 and he returns back to Scorpio Sign via retrograde movement around June 21st 2017. Those with Moon in Libra Sign would have a sign of relief as their Sade-Sati would stop troubling them for four months. Those with Moon in Scorpio Sign would breathe easy as the core stage of Sade-Sati has just ended for them and runs only another four months from June 2017 to October 2017. Those with Moon in Sagittarius Sign would be tensed as Saturn enters their own sign and starts the core stage of Sade-Sati this year. Those with Moon in Capricorn Sign would finally see the effects of Sade-Sati or atleast the preview by June. Those with Moon in Virgo Sign and Taurus Sign would be worried a bit cause Panoti Period is coming up for them. But is it really that only these few astrological signs that should be worried? After all the Ascendant based horoscope or Sun based horoscope may have Saturn's Transit via a troublesome house.

     Traditional school of thought applies a simple technique called Saturn's Paya and calculates Saturn's distance from Ascendant. According to this theory Saturn's transit via first house, sixth house and eleventh house from Ascendant brings good luck and prosperity so it is called golden transit(gold paya). Saturn's transit via second house, fifth house and ninth house is silver transit(silver paya) where you may not earn much but troubles stay away. Saturn's transit via third house, seventh house and tenth house is considered to be bronze transit(bronze paya) where native begets both good and bad results with more difficult results likely. Saturn's Transit via fourth house, eight house and twelfth house is called iron transit(iron paya) and spells disaster for the native. This transit brings troubles, poverty and misery in life. 

     General observation has shown this theory is less reliable. Saturn doesn't seem to care about golden, silver, bronze or iron transits. He seems to be only interested in giving fruits of your Karma. After all he is appointed the Judge by Lord Shiva and he sees over and bestows punishment befitting the crime. In most cases he just delays or destroys the fruits associated with the horoscope house and its planetary lord's placement as well as horoscope houses where he aspects. Say if Saturn transits via second house in Sagittarius Sign then it is more then likely he would deplete savings, cause friction with family, cause divorces and impact speech and right eye. His aspect is far more troublesome and the matters of fourth house, eight house and eleventh house are heavily impacted. Thereby home environment, real-estate, animal husbandry, agriculture, trouble via income tax, loses in court cases, trouble in getting inheritance, social circle and regular income are all adversaly affected. 

     In sweet and simple words Saturn's transit affects the placement house and the houses on which he aspects. That is followed by the house where the planetary lord is placed. Also there is a huge misconception that Saturn only gives bad results wherever he goes/transits. Saturn only does karma balancing. So if you have done good karma then you can expect success and happiness. If you have done bad karma then expect troubles. So do not worry too much about Saturn's transit. It is true that some troubles are possible but there is a lesson to be learned from all troubles and grow as an individual. 


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