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Career Overseas: A Dream For Many

foreign travel astrology   Career in an overseas location preferably the Western Countries is in high demand among Youths and Middle Aged Persons of most Developing and Underdeveloped Countries. The attraction for a better lifestyle, higher standards of living and better job prospects is in high demand. Ofcourse life isn't all rosy settling in a Foreign Culture and getting used to Alien Customs. But as long as one gets the Greens(Money) other things seem to be bearable.

   Vedic Astrology can be used to decipher for whom Foreign Residency and Overseas Career would favor and for whom it won't favor.

Factors Deciding Foreign Residency

   Few combinations in horoscope are required to judge if native can earn and settle in Foreign Countries. Most notably

  1. There should be some sort of association between the 2nd House and 12th House most likely via conjunction in a horoscope house.
  2. If there is an Airy Sign as Ascendant like Gemini Sign, Libra Sign or Aquarius Sign then there can be Air Travel to Foreign Locations and re-settlement there.
  3. If there is a Watery Sign as Ascendant like Cancer Sign, Scorpio Sign or Pisces Sign then also there is likely settlement in Foreign Locations albeit the desired travel should be via Water Route for more success. Even re-settlement at a location on a Beach or near a River could provide favorable outcomes.
  4. 4th House should have favorable aspects possibly from 10th House which deals with Career or 12th House which deals with Foreign Lands or 7th House which deals with Business and Partnerships.
  5. A bad 4th House can also drive native away from homeland and settle on foreign shores but troubles follow him/her to the location of re-settlement.
  6. If there is any sort of association between Lords of 1st House and 12th House then there could be re-settlement abroad as this association indicates Identity Loss.

Benefits Via Foreign Travels

   If the 9th House is strong then native could derive good benefits from Foreign Travels. That does not mean he can settle in a Foreign Location but since 9th House indicates Long Distance Travels, Higher Education and Religious Pilgrimages native may travel to Foreign Location for one of the portfolios associated with 9th House and may even get benefits if the 9th House is strong.

Troubles in Foreign Lands

   4th House is the House of Shelter. If it is in bad condition then native may have to travel or reside in a Foreign Locations albeit there would be troubles and problems accompanying him/her. A bad 12th House could also push the native to travel to Foreign Lands to see Monetary Losses as well as Physical and Mental Troubles in those places. A bad 9th House could also push native to travel to Foreign Lands to suffer. There could be serious Identity Crisis in a Foreign Country if there is association between 1st House and 12th House and if the planetary lords of 1st House and 12th House are inimical to each other. If Saturn is in 12th House and aspecting the 2nd House then there could heavy losses via Foreign Travels and all Savings could be lost.

Expectancy vs Outcome

foreign travel astrology   Those who wish to travel to foreign countries should wait for a favorable period for better prospects. Also they should check if one of the above mentioned combination is present which brings fortune and favors on foreign soil. If there are difficulties written then they should drop the idea of foreign re-settlement. Of course if fate has planned then the native would leave to travel to foreign shores for better or worse. But others who are undecided and just wish for a better life abroad should check if stars favor foreign residence before plunging into spending a fortune. There could be opposite of what they think. Just in case there is no yoga for foreign re-settlement one should understand it is not the end of the world.


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