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Astrology Help: Starting A Business Venture

business woman    There are many individuals who wish to start their own business venture. But they are too afraid of whether it would work out or not. Vedic Astrology can help decipher whether there are chances of success in the business sphere. Few horoscope houses, association, aspect and placement in those houses which would decide the kind of business one would get profit from.

Whether To Start A Business Or Not?

   The most fundamental question that a lot of Business Aspirants ask is whether there would be success or not in Business? Leaving aside Astrology Hulaboo one needs to understand Business requires a lot of factors to work.

  1. Like the Product: Quality and other Factors.
  2. Demand Of Product vs Its Supply
  3. The location of the Business: Prime Location or Remote.
  4. Funds to Operate: Low Funds vs High Funds.
  5. Competition
  6. Marketing Of Product
  7. Distribution

   There maybe several other factors which require attention of Potential Investor. The important point to note is do not ask the Astrologer and jump into a Business Venture just cause there are positive signs in the horoscope. Look at the above mentioned factors also before deciding to jump into Business Venture. Astrologers job is limited to deducing whether Stars and Planets favor starting a business venture or not.

Astrological Factors Deciding Business Success

   Success in Business Sphere is indicated via strength in 10th House and 7th House. But from a modern day perspective the 3rd House, 11th House and 9th House also play a very important role. 10th House is the Career House.

  1. As long as 10th House is strong there should be success in Business Sphere. That includes placement of bad planets like Saturn, Mars, Sun, Rahu and Ketu. Although in such cases success may come late or there are a lot of problems to deal with in Business.
  2. If there is strength in 7th House then one can venture into Business Partnership.
  3. If the 3rd House or 9th House are strong along with a good 10th House or 7th House the native can get great success in Business via Short or Long Distance Travels.
  4. If there is an Exchange Of House(Parivartana Yoga) or some other association via placement or aspect between 10th House and 7th House then also Business is favorable.
  5. Finally Business also favors those whose horoscope has association between 11th House and 9th House via aspect, placement or exchange of houses. There should be a good 10th House or 7th House also for Success in Business.

Saying No To Business

   There maybe times when one must decide to wait or drop the idea of doing business. If there are heavy placements in the 6th House then native is better off doing Service Roles. If there is a Sade-Sati and native decides to start a business then success may come late or not come at all. Sade-Sati gives nothing easy and a lot of efforts are required to make business a success during Sade-Sati period.

   If Lord of 10th House is weak then also native is advised against undertaking a business venture. Career Reputation is signified by a good 10th House. But Savings is decided by 2nd House and Income is decided by 11th House. Success in Business is ultimately defined by Profits that a native gets. If both 2nd House and 11th House are weak then native may have great Leadership Skills and Business Sense but Income and Savings may not be up to the mark. In this scenario success and profits do come via good Karma but it takes a lot of time for luck to shine in Business Sphere. If native is unwilling to wait then he or she should drop the idea of Business.


business woman    Career in Business pays rich dividends for few. But there is instability and uncertainty to deal with. One the bright side one gets to be his or her own boss. On the downside there is no fixed income. But there are chances of heavy profits during certain periods like Festive Seasons. If native is comfortable then he or she should definitely try starting a Business Venture.

   Even those that pursue Service Roles can venture into Business on part-time basis. All that a native requires is some sort of association with 10th House or 7th House. More on Different Business Ventures via Astrology at a later time.


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