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     Tenth House is also known as Career House and it defines your social prestige and success/failures you may get. Not only that it also defines how your youth days would shape up. A benefic planet like Jupiter, Venus, Mercury or Moon in Tenth House in a exalted or friendly sign is a blessing to have. A malefic like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu or Mars in Tenth House suggests troubles for the native.  

gaja yoga north
gaja yoga south

     Above chart is of a person who is well-settled in the US. Coming from a humble background in India the concerned native went to US and did Masters after which she got a job in a good company. Finally the concerned person's efforts were recognized and today she is working in one of the top MNC in top-tier managerial post. The concerned native has a great Tenth House. There is Venus in exaltion along with Mercury which does Neecha-Bhanga Raja Yoga. Ketu is a little problematic but both Ketu and Venus promote Career in Medicine and the concerned person started her Career in Pharmaceutical Company by blessing of same Ketu. 

     The lord of Tenth House which defines Career is Jupiter and is placed in Ascendant which defines self. Self Esteem increases via Career Reputation and Progress as Career House Lord is situated in Ascendant. Jupiter is in Gemini Sign(belongs to Mercury) while Mercury is in Pisces Sign(belongs to Jupiter). So there is an Exchange of Houses between Ascendant and Tenth House. Native is known for her success in Career Field and for carving a success on Foreign Land by her peers as well as by her Family. With Jupiter involved one can always expect positive feedback in matters of Career and Self. 

     Concerned native also received wonderful education with Masters followed by a MBA from a top University. Again the aspects of Venus and Mercury all but ensured that Rahu in Fourth House did not create any mischief. It has been observed that those who have Rahu in Fourth House have unfinished or poor education. But in her case the benefics all but ensured that malefic behaved properly. If by chance in future this native decides to invest in Business Sphere then there are all the possibilities of success. Cause her Career House lord which is the benefic Jupiter aspects the Seventh House which is looked for Business and Partnership matters. 

     This is the power of a benefic in a Vishnu Sthana. If you have a benefic in exaltion or own sign in First House, Fourth House, Seventh House or Tenth House then consider it a gift of Gods. Alternatively you can thank your previous good karma. Your whole life or atleast that phase of your life would be filled with happiness and success. Benefics in exaltion or own sign and located in Vishnu Sthanas are like a guarantee card for success and happiness in that phase of life. If you have malefics then you can expect difficulties. If you have queries kindly ask at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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