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      Tenth House is also known as Career House and it defines your social prestige and success/failures you may get. Not only that it also defines how your youth days would shape up. Last article showed how Benefics In Career House can give a stable and successful career. This article is all about showing how malefics in Career House can ruin your career, shatter your career prestige and show you unimaginable miseries in your youth. Malefics are Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Sun is also a malefic but Sun is significator of career and it does not do harm to his own house unless with other malefics. 

career malefics north
career malefics south

     Above shown horoscope is of a person who works in a meagre job and owns two websites. He has Saturn+Moon in his horoscope at one degree from each other causing the cursed Visha Yoga. There is also Saturn+Ketu causing the Shraapit Yoga. Also there is aspect of debilitated Mars and Rahu on Career House. The concerned native has extensive knowledge of IT Field and is involved in most sectors of Software Development from Design to Maintenance. He also researches and writes about articles, has a Youtube Channel as well as knows Image Manipultation. Inspite of setting up multiple payment gateways and currencies he still fails to earn basic remuneration. 

     Due to the intense Visha Yoga as well as debilitated Jupiter and Sun in Dushamsthana his health is very weak and so is his will-power. His Basic Education could only somehow be completed as there is Rahu in Fourth House and Saturn's aspect on it. Also Fourth House lord is debilitated in Seventh House. Yet Jupiter being a natural benefic and present in Ascendant gives him extra-ordinary vision and intelligence. Yet the debilitation does not allow others to notice his talents just yet. He cannot try higher end jobs due to weak health, poor qualification records and frequent job changes. 

         In his youth he had to suffer countless struggles and yet he is not anywhere near settled in his life. Malefics do show tough times and require the native to do a lot of hard work. But when they do finally give rewards they are worth it. Concerned native could see success after thirty-two or thirty-six years of his life have passed. There is a strong case for Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga due to debilitated Jupiter in Ascendant and lord of Ascendant Saturn being exalted in Career House. Also Saturn does Sasha Yoga himself. Saturn in Career House is sure to take native to the top atleast once in his/her life. But it also curses the native to fall from that top position and lose career reputation. Saturn generally does not allow stability in life unless other factors help.

     This is what malefics and aspects of malefics can do to career of a person. You cannot settle in your life and you need to work very, very hard to get success in life. If you have Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu in Career House or aspecting the Career House then do know that there are struggles waiting for you in your career. Its not like malefics don't give success. Mars can make excellent doctors, surgeons, engineers as well as hardware experts. Saturn can make good engineers, software experts, politician, accountant as well as allow import-export of oil. Rahu can make one an excellent politician or spiritual guru although he is most likely a conman. Rahu can also allow acting provided other planets favor entering entertainment industry. Ketu can make a person a mercenary, a spiritual saint or even a doctor. 

     But its quite likely that there would be difficulties, hard work and troubles waiting in the career. But as long as native works hard he/she would see success and recognition. Even the malefics in a horoscope have to bend down to good intentions and genuine karma in the right direction. 

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