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Career in Government Sector

doctor   Most lucrative job in terms of Safety and Stability are Government Jobs especially in India. The basic package for a Clerk in Government Sector maybe more then for Senior Employee of a Multinational Company. While salary in Private Companies can never be surpassed by Government Salary the Provident Funds, Gratuity, Pension, Travel and Food Expenses as well as other Perks can never be matched by jobs in Private Companies.

   And that is why there are Engineers, Doctors, IT Experts, MBA's, Ph.D's and other countless experts applying for the role in Government Sector. Vedic Astrology can be used to decipher whether a person has chances of getting a Government Job or not

10th House and Sun

   For role in a Government Sector and to derive benefits from Government there are two factors which are essential. They are:

  1. Strength in 10th House in a Horoscope
  2. Strong placement of Sun in a Horoscope

   If both are strong then native not only gets a good job in Government Sector but also gets life term benefits from the Government. If one of them is strong then native may get a Government Job but associated Perks and Promotions may not be as expected. If none of them are strong then chances of Government Jobs are quite less. If the 8th House is strong then there maybe chance to work as a Diplomat or in IRS(Income Tax Department). But more often then not it is the 10th House and the Sun which provide great career in Government Sector.


Government Jobs Factors

  1. Sun+Mercury forms the Budh-Aditya Yoga. In the 10th House it is a sure shot guarantee to work in a Government Sector and get Promotions as well as associated Perks from the Government.
  2. A strong Mars in 10th House or 6th House could also grant role in Government Sector. Mars in 10th House could make one a Government Doctor, Good Administrator(IAS/IPS in India) or something similar. In 6th House native could have a Career in the Army, Navy or Airforce.
  3. Strong Mercury in 10th House can make one a Diplomat, Lecturer, Teacher or a Cabinet Minister. It can also give a role in Tax Department or Revenue Collection.
  4. Jupiter in 10th House blesses native with role as Lecturer, in Training Sector, Foreign Secretaries, Foreign Dignitaries or something similar. A job as a Government Appointed Trustee is also likely if Jupiter is strong in horoscope.
  5. Saturn, Rahu and Ketu aren't likely to give Government Jobs unless associated with other Strong Planets. Of course based on their strength in horoscope they may actually make the native a Politician who runs the Government.
  6. Moon is a planet associated with Business and chances of good Government Jobs are less even if Moon is strong in 10th House unless other factors help.

Govt Jobs vs Others

doctor   The lure of Government Jobs is unparalleled especially in India. Everyone from Doctors, Engineers, IT Experts to MBA's want to try for a role in Government Jobs. The Stability and Security associated with them are quite the deciding factors. Yet not everyone is meant to be part of Government. Actually only 1-2% of the total population can work under Government. Rest of them have to slug it out in the big bad world.

   Vedic Astrology cannot decide anyone's future. It is for the native to decide for himself or herself. But if a Government Job is not indicated in horoscope then perhaps natives should try other roles as well. There maybe hard work and a lot of efforts required to succeed in Private Sectors but its benefits far outweigh the risk. Also a Government Employee can only dream of Perks associated with Top Level Managerial Positions in MNC's or Senior Executives in Private Companies. Also if one is smart enough to become an MBA, Engineer or a Doctor then he can surely try to open his/her own Business/Clinic/Shop/Venture. That might fetch him more income in 10 years then a Government Employee would earn in his or her entire life.


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