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Career in IT/Engineer: Astrological Factors

doctor   Career in Information Technology(IT) is quite lucrative cause of the hefty salary that IT Companies are willing to shell out. Information Technology is a medium by which there can be a global reach and language and boundaries are no hindrance so possibilities of expansion are endless.

   Vedic Astrology can be used to check if the person has scope in Field of IT. Normally Mars, Saturn and Mercury are planetary agents which drive Career in IT Field. Their association with the 10th House, 6th House or 7th House, as lords of 10th house, 6th House or 7th House guarantees healthy salary in IT Sector.

8th House and IT

   Like 6th House has a large say in those becoming doctor, the 8th House has a large say in one becoming an IT Expert. 8th House rules the Hidden and Mystic Knowledge, Hidden Assets and Internal Workings. Information Technology requires the person to work in the back office or behind the scenes. They need to know the inner workings of a system (Hidden Knowledge). Lord of 10th House in 8th House is very likely to make a person Software Developer if the native tries. Bear in mind that native needs to work in back office environment and most likely those natives do not get due credit for their work.

Hardware and Software Sectors

   Mars+Saturn in 10th House or association with 10th House can in many cases lead to a Career in Hardware. If Mars+Saturn are associated with the 7th House Lord and if the 7th House is strong then there are chances of opening a Store for Hardware Products and Accessories. All the shops which sell Mobiles, Tablets and Laptops require such combination to make a success in Business.

   Saturn+Mercury in 10th House or 8th House is a great combination for Software Developers. Software requires logic and Mercury is the planet which blesses the native with that. Natives with strong Saturn are inclined towards Technical and Meticulous Work. Software Coding requires both the logic and analytical skills of Mercury as well as the Technical Skills, Patience and Meticulous Attention to details provided by Saturn. If there are Mobile Apps to be designed and developed which aid communication then Mercury and 3rd House or its Lords association with the Career House(10th House) or Service House(6th House) is essential.

   Mars+Mercury can also help with Software Development but that combination is ill-suited for Safety Critical Appliances. In other less risky environment these combination can give a healthy income via fast and time bound Project Completion.

IT Fields & Astrological Factors

  1. Those who wish to get into Project Management or work as IT Managers need to have a strong 10th House along with Sun or Mars in prominent position. Some combinations which favor the IT Sector are also essential.
  2. Those that wish to get into the Research and Development Department may need a favorable 12th House or 12th House Lord to pursue career in Research Wing along with a combination of Saturn and Mercury or Saturn and Mars or Mars and Mercury.
  3. As explained earlier a good Mercury and 3rd House or 3rd House Lord is essential along with a decent Career House or Service House for Mobile Application Development especially Communication Apps.
  4. Mars+Mercury+Saturn especially if one of them is lord 10th House Lord or 6th House Lord is a sure shot combination to have a Career in Information Technology.
  5. Mercury+Saturn or Mercury+Mars can give a good Career as a Programmer.
  6. Mars+Saturn would give a good career in Hardware Design, Development, Testing and Maintenance.
  7. Networking requires combination of 11th House, 3rd House and other IT Combinations.
  8. Database Administration(DBA) is a huge department which requires both logic and relationship deriving between different tables. Database requires a strong Mercury.
  9. Website Designing, Image Morphing and Animation require help of Venus along with Mercury or Saturn to make it a success.
  10. Jupiter along with Mercury or Saturn could give a good career as a Lecturer in IT Fields.

IT vs Rest


   IT is one of the few fields where salary is hefty but Fame is less. Few ones become popular like Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, Mr. Jeff Bezos, Mr. Steve Jobs or Mr. Bill Gates. Rest of them are destined for jobs which requires nerve wrecking logic and minute attention to details. Not to mention there are health hazards sitting in front of a PC and looking at long, tiring lines of code. In case of Hardware one gets tired looking at various Chips and Sectors for possible faults. IT Management is a difficult task to handle with time, money and resource constraints imposed on Projects. The worst part is Designing and Developing to Consumer Demands.

   But the lure of Healthy Salary, Silicon Valley and the fact that those on the rich person's list are in one way or other associated with Information Technology is too much of a charm to pull off. But for those who don't cut it in IT Field need to understand that most of the IT Experts are going to work for Businesses and Clients. After all they are support system and side artists which drive a business behind the back. Also the tags of Nerd or Geek aren't too much to be proud of be it a Male or Female IT Candidate. So others not in IT Business need to worry not and work in a field which brings out their true potential.


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