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     "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."  -Nelson Mandela

     While this famous statement maybe subject to scrutiny from the likes of Einstein or Edison who didn't have enough education it does hold true for 95% of others. Education in today's world equals degree awarded in a government sanctioned college or school. In astrology the Fourth House is responsible for providing this basic school or college degree. Fifth House rules over knowledge. Higher Education like Post Graduation and Masters are governed by the Ninth House. Doctorate, Ph.D. and research programmes are governed by Twelfth House. A career out of continuous education and research is also governed by the Twelfth House.

     What if either the Fourth House or Fifth House have unfavorable placements? As long as one of the concerned house is in good condition the native would do well. But if both the houses are disaster then rest assured the native would most likely be at bottom of the organisation unless Career Houses (Sixth House, Tenth House and Eleventh House) or Fortune Houses (Ninth house, Eleventh House, Second House) have a say in that. Either way as long as Fourth House and Fifth House are not strong enough, the concerned native would be a subject to unhappiness and mockery from others as Fourth House rules happiness and Fifth House also rules romance and popularity.

     Education and knowledge play an important part in shaping the thoughts and actions of an individual. But it is important to understand that destiny and karma drive life's purpose. So if you are planning to study a fancy degree be sure to understand that it is a part of your life and but not the whole life. If you succeed in educational sphere it is well and good but if you don't then it is not the end of world. Some of the greatest minds were total dunce in schools and colleges. Knowledge is boundless and everywhere. So take in as much knowledge as you can and learn to do things you love and make you happy rather then do things which you think would give you love and happiness. 


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