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     Its exam time in many countries around the world. Students would be nervous to pass the exams. Parents would be far more nervous compared to students. So is there any help possible from Astrology? Astrology can predict whether a student requires more effort to pass in a particular year or not. Vedic Knowledge of Yoga and Pranayam can help stay focused, remember better and give exams without fear.

        First the basics: Fourth House rules over school and college education. Many people confuse Fifth House with education. Fifth House rules over knowledge. If a student has negative influence on Fourth House chances are he/she would have problems getting a good education. Most school and college drop-outs have a very bad Fourth House. If there are positive influence on Fourth House then student would be clever, successful and can get excellent grades in school. Present day parameters put more focus on educational degrees and certificates. Knowledge rarely gets acknowledgement. So a good Fourth House is far more desirable compared to a good Fifth House. 

       When there are evil influences on Fourth House in birth chart or via planetary transits is when things start to go wrong. Many students see failures and drop-outs during those times. Those born with a bad Fourth House mostly drop out permanently from education. Students are advised to have courage, work harder and focus more on studies when there are bad planetary influence over Fourth House. Even if there are failures or drop-out due to unforseen circumstances both the student and parents should not feel disappointed cause planets do reward hard work sooner or later. 

     Astrology and Vedic Knowledge have been devised to help the students. Astrology would help you predict the kind of effort that needs to be put to get the desired grades. Yoga and Pranayam can help remember better, stay focused and relaxed during exam times. Pranayam especially Anulom Vilom and Bhramari Pranayam help stay focused and reduce stress. There is Thoppukarnam which when done can help sharpen memory and remember better. Some teachers have also claimed that Thoppukaranam has benefited kids with autism and learning difficulties.

Anulom Vilom Pranayam helps to stay focused

Bhramari Pranayam helps deal with exam stress

Yoga to sharpen memory: Thoppukaranam/Super Brain Yoga

     Regardless of the condition of Fourth House its highly beneficial for students to do the above mentioned yoga and pranayam techniques. They would help pass the exams with flying colors. Those who have to drop-out due to unforseen circustances or see failures need not worry. Planets would always reward hard work in one form or another. One bad year has yet to decide the destiny of an individual. So keep calm, stay strong and don't lose hope.

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