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     Astrology is one of the most enchanting subjects in human history. Believers and Non-Believers both like to argue endlessly over the benefits and flaws of astrology. Believers often say how future can be predicted from the stars and constellations and how one can benefit from knowing the future. Non-Believers would often quarrel how a man is the architect of his own fortune and stars, planets and constellations have no part in deciding fate of the man.

     So which of them stands right? I would say both of them are right in a way. A logical person will know that a person born in an under-developed country and working in a blue collar job cannot influence the thoughts and actions of whole world as say a person who is born in US and who is part of a political system in there. So isn't it right to say that stars did favor the one born in US.

     But then again if everything was decided by stars and planets there would be no place for hard work and perseverance. There would be no Abraham Lincoln, Narendra Modi or Thomas Edison. Hard Work, dedication, perseverance, dignity, discipline, diligence and patience are key factors found in most successful men and women.

     So which one is it? The answer would be a mixture of both. Astrology is a science of predicting future events based on mathematical and astronomical calculations but that alone is not enough. Hard work and sincere efforts also play a major role in deciding success or failure for an individual. This site would hopefully shed some light on the comman misconcepts and illusions regarding astrology. It will hopefully help individuals to decide where to apply the Prarabdha and where to apply Purushartha.

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