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Love Marriage: Benefits and Drawbacks

     Marriage is the most sought after subject by clients of astrology. Everyone desires to know Who, How, When, Where and To Whom questions pertaining to marriage. The Who, When, Where and To Whom questions can be reserved for some other time. Just now I would try and answer as to How are you going to marry. Whether it will be love marriage or not. Arranged Marriage can be reserved for some other time. Love Marriage is the desire of every would be couple. It is a wonderful thought to fall in love with someone, get married and spend a happy life with them. 

     That does not mean those who go for arranged marriage are not happy. Neither is their any guarantee that Love Marriage would be successful. Most divorce cases which astrologers come across have love marriages. But putting aside the negativity Love is a wonderful feeling and Marriage is the Contract where staying loyal to your object of affection is confirmed. Below are the few yogas which guarantee love marriage.

Connection of 5th house and 7th house

By far the biggest condition for love marriage. If the lord of 5th house is in 7th house and lord of 7th house is in 5th house then you would marry the person you love. If there is any sort of association via placement or aspect then also there are high chances of love marriage. Even if there is such association in Navamsha Chart then also chances of love marriage rise

Mars-Venus Association

Venus is romance and Mars is aggression. Venus is attraction while Mars is intense. Venus is love while Mars is lust. When these two planets are in association via placement or aspect in Ascendant Chart or to some extent in Navamsha Chart then there is bound to be love marriage. There are high chances of runaway marriage without approval of family.

Venus-Rahu Association

Venus controls romance while Rahu has command over exotic and forbidden desires. When there is any sort of Venus-Rahu association then love marriage happens in an exotic location, in a forbidden relationship, to a foreigner or to a person who is from other community, religion or one who has different set of beliefs.

Connection of 1st house and 7th house

The association of the planets which rule the 1st house and 7th house in Ascendant Chart is a strong indicator for love marriage. Not only that this placement can also tell the place you are likely to meet your future marriage partner.

Advice to Clients

Those who are in love should never consult an astrologer for marriage. There is a reason why you are in love and that is called Fate or Prarabdha. Whatever the consequences bear with it be it good or bad. Don't go asking an astrologer if marriage would work out or not. As you can guess some associations don't provide long term ideal results for marital bliss. But that shouldn't deter you from marriage to that special someone. Of course if all your friends and family members are saying no to your marriage then try to be smart and listen to them as they know better then you.

Silver Lining For Others

If you do not have one of the above combinations then you should not worry. Actually I would go as far as to say you are really blessed. A marriage is a form of social status and it is not complete without the blessings of your loved ones in family and friends. Love would eventually happen and that love is not mere attraction but genuine adoration.

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