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First House and Seventh House

     AriesLagnaIn astrology the 1st house or Ascendant is used to describe the individual himself. The 7th house is used to describe the marriage partner with whom it is assumed the native will spend his entire life. Everyone wants the ideal marriage partner who would make life of the individual a bliss. Yet the problem starts when opposite of what he or she had hoped for happens. This post really isn't about the blame game but rather about enlightenment so the lucky few ones who are about to enter marriage do not go with wrong impressions in head and those who are in marriage try and cast away the false notions of marriage.

Marriage is a Contract

     Marriage is by all means a contract where two individuals decide to share their happiness and sorrows, wealth and loss, income and expenditure, health and sickness, strengths and weakness together. Most couples or would be couples believe that his or her marriage partner has all the qualities in life that would allow to spend a happy life together. Alas.... The problem is the marriage partner is everything which you never are and never want. The time when you feel there is nothing wrong with your partner is a result of phermones and not of rational thinking. When it wears off you see the light of the day. If you are confused then I would simplify it.

Lets assume there are no planets or aspects on 1st house and 7th house. That would mean we only need to know about characteristics of astrological signs located in 1st House and 7th House.

Aries and Libra Sign

If Ascendant has Aries Sign ruled by Mars then 7th house would have Libra Sign ruled by Venus. Similarly if Ascendant has Libra Sign then 7th house would have Aries Sign. 

Natives with Moon in Aries are energetic, hot headed, like to get things done quickly but care little about perfection. Mars natives are caring but can never show affection to others. Natives with Moon in Libra are moody, lazy, hate working but like attention to details even though concentration is low. Venus natives are romantic and love show off but not the type to break sweat for others

If genuine care of Mars meets affection of Venus, if energy of Aries meets the attention to details of Libra then a successful and happy married life is confirmed.

But if hot headed attitude of Aries Natives meets the laziness and mood swings of Libra Natives then result is disaster

Taurus and Scorpio Sign

If Ascendant has Taurus Sign ruled by Venus then 7th house would have Scorpio Sign ruled by Mars. Similarly if Ascendant has Scorpio Sign then 7th house would have Taurus Sign. 

Taurus Sign people are thoughtful in action and approach. They are calm and full of virtues. They never have to work hard cause they get everything in life easily. Natives with Moon in Taurus are very friendly when talking but not the type to help others if they have to work hard for it. Venus Natives are romantic, fashionistas and love being center of attention. Natives with Moon in Scorpio on the other hand are hard working and get nothing easily in life. Scorpio Natives may speak harshly but deep down they have love and compassion. They would go out of their way to help others even though sometimes they are driven by vengeance.

When compassion for others joins thoughful actions when brilliant mind of Taurus Natives meets the hard work of Scorpio Natives success follows.

But if hateful attitude of Scorpio meets polished lies of Taurus then the couple becomes nothing but clever con artists. 

Gemini and Sagittarius Sign

If Ascendant has Gemini Sign ruled by Mercury then 7th house would have Sagittarius Sign ruled by Jupiter. Similarly if Ascendant has Sagittarius Sign then 7th house would have Gemini Sign.

Gemini Natives are smart, intelligent and witty. They are chatty and love conversations. They have great convincing power and could sell a comb to a bald person. Mercury is talkative, smart and loves to live like a prince. Sagittarius Natives are healthy and hard working. They rarely like to show off their knowledge and skills and are prone to anger once in a while. Jupiter is calm and composed. He likes simplicity and pursuit of knowledge.

Now if the smartness of Mercury meets the wisdom of Jupiter as well as convincing power of Gemini meets the hard work of Sagittarius then result is success.

But if anger of Sagittarius Natives meets the shallow talk of Gemini Natives then result is an annoying couple. The smartness of Gemini and knowledge of Jupiter can also result into a conniving couple who loots others. Choice is entirely in hands of couple.

Cancer and Capricorn Sign

If Ascendant has Cancer Sign ruled by Moon then 7th house would have Capricorn Sign ruled by Saturn. Similary if Ascendant has Capricorn Sign then 7th house would have Cancer Sign.

Cancer Natives are kind, caring and compassionate. Moon is the significator for care and emotions. Cancer Natives give unconditional love and can be trusted with life. Moon has little or no desire for success and cannot tolerate insults. Cancer Natives put feelings and emotions over career growth. Capricorn Natives on other hand love rules and regulations, think too much and sometimes even worry. They are ambitious. Saturn is a hard worker and has zero emotions. He loves to deal with people in stern manner who don't follow their duties.

Naturally Cancer Ascendant Natives never get on well with their partners.Their desire is care and compassion while partner is ambitious and with zero emotions. Thus most of times marriage is disaster. Same case for Capricorn Natives as they need to let go of ambitions and personal success and care for their partners who desire love and affection

But if justice of Saturn meets the compassion of Moon, if emotions of Moon meet the discipline of Saturn then result could very well be success.

Leo and Aquarius Sign

If Ascendant has Leo Sign ruled by Sun then 7th house would have Aquarius Sign ruled by Saturn. Similary if ascendant has Aquarius Sign then 7th house would have Leo Sign.

Leo Natives are full of pride and enthusiasm. They are ambitious, strong-willed and love to get things done. Sun is the epitome of confidence and vigor. On the downside though Leo Natives are too arrogant for many, unapologetic and lacking empathy according to a few. Aquarius Natives are reserved and down to earth. They are diligent, careful in speech and approach and carefully analyse everything before taking up a task.

If the confidence of Leo meets the diligence of Aquarius. If the ambition of Sun meets the attention to detail and hard work of Saturn then success follows for the couple.

But if the arrogance of Sun meets the uncompromising nature of Saturn then what follows is World War in married life. Same way if haste of Leo Natives meets the over calculative nature of Aquarius Natives there are bound to be frictions in married life. 

Virgo and Pisces Sign

If Ascendant has Virgo Sign ruled by Mercury then 7th house would have Pisces Sign ruled by Jupiter. Similarly if Ascendant has Pisces Sign then 7th house would have Virgo Sign.

Virgo Sign natives are street smart and able to take quick decisions. Mercury natives are chatty, witty and lazy. Pisces Natives are intelligent but take their own sweet time in doing things. Jupiter natives are like deep ocean who have sound knowledge of things but do not ever show off. Virgo Natives are professional but uncaring for others. Pisces Natives natives lack professional demeanor but show genuine care for others.

Naturally if intelligence meet quick decision, if knowledge meets wittiness then the result is success for couples

But when laziness meets indecisiveness, when street smart attitude meets sound knowledge then there could be times when it could be misused. Such couples could try to fool others.

Cherishing Differences

     I hope now the second paragraph in bold letters about sharing your weakness and strengths, your health and sickness, your happiness and sorrows as a couple starts to make more sense. I have not taken into consideration the placement or aspect of planets on 1st house and 7th house but even with those influences some sort of differences should remain and these differences should be enjoyed. This logic is irrelevant to the number of times you are married, the caste you married in, the gender you married to or the race you married in. As long as you are spending your life together you must learn to accept both the positives and negatives in your partner. As Dave Meurer rightly points out "Marriage is not when the perfect couple comes together but when the imperfect couple learns to enjoy the differences".


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