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     9th house is the house of the benevolent Guru. Guru is expansive, optimistic, imaginative and magnanimous. Shani has to shed his negativity, worries, anxieties and miser attitude when he occupies the 9th house. Shani's naturally positive traits like hard work and servitude to humanity are brought forth in 9th house. The native does wonderful provided no bad aspect or placement are present in 9th house. Since both Guru and Shani are slow moving planets, native gains success late. After 28 years of life the native is blessed with regular income and fortune smiles on native after 36 years of life have passed.

     Shani in 9th house also provides a wonderful opportunity to work and settle abroad. Higher Education in foreign countries is a possibility with Shani in 9th house. If the lord of 11th house is placed with Shani in the 9th house then natives fortune increases many fold. Shani makes an excellent career in teaching, import-export business, as an astrologer and also in spiritual practices. Shani bestows knowledge of secret arts not readily available in public domain. Sometimes though there could be problems due to long distance travels. If there is an enemy rashi in the 11th house then possibility of frictions with friends and difficulty in getting regular income is possible. There could be problems with siblings, neighbors and also with colleagues at work place. Native with shani in 9th house makes a native religious. In rare cases recluse from worldly desires and progress towards spirituality possible.

     Shani in 9th house may give some ups and downs in earnings and problems with friends and siblings but the positives far outweigh the negatives. Shani in 9th house provides an excellent analytical mind, religious attitude and a good moral character. They are the key ingredients behind a successful and happy life. Prayers to Lord Ganesha are advised to remove instability. Prayers to Lord Vishwakarma or any God which is associated with imagination and creativity are ideal. Finally when in trouble choose the positivity and helpful nature of Guru over negativity and miser nature of Shani. Success would come for sure. 

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