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     Shani is the natural lord of 8th house. Shani's placement in 8th house gives better results in youth and middle age. In old age lots of disease, troubles and miseries possible. Shani gives excellent results in career where access to secret and classified information is required like backdoor diplomacy and spying. Shani also gives a wonderful career as a mystic. Shani in 8th house can make an excellent doctor in treatment of reproductive organs and secretive disease. Any subject which requires secretive and under hand dealing is great for native with Shani in 8th house.

     The effect of Shani's drishti is felt very much by 10th house. Career Reputation is minumum although native maybe doing great work and earning decent income. Although that is not bad as limelight would do more harm then good and generally it is due to negative publicity. Savings may suffer due to long and incurable diseases. There is difficulty in continuing progeny and relationship with children could be difficult. Shani gives better results after marriage and fortune smiles on the native after marriage. If there is a friendly rashi in lagna and 8th house then the cases of getting riches after marriage improve drastically. Native has excellent knowledge of hidden secretive information. Native may also inherit vast amount of inheritance provided there is a favorable rashi in 8th house. There are frictions with father, boss and people at work place. There could be problems in excretory system due to constipacy and stones in kidney or urethra. In old age there could be long and incurable disease which could harass the native and make him bed ridden especially if there is enemy rashi or drishti of malefic planets on 8th house. Incurable diseases like Cancer, Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer and Paralysis are all possible with Shani in 8th house. 

     Overall Shani gives good results in his placement in 8th house. There could be problems with digestive system and kidney for which the native is advised to do regular Exercise and Yoga. As natives dealings would involve secretive and confidential subjects career prestige will be low. So satisfaction with career prestige is necessary. Native should regularly recite MahaMrityunjaya Japa and Mrityunjay Japa to avoid misery in old age. Also prayers to Shiva are beneficial. Some compromises should be done to keep cordial relationship with family and children at home. 

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