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     Shani in 7th house is placed in the house of its friend Shukra. Shani is "Sthanam Shubham Karoti, Drishti Hani Karot" meaning it does good in the house where it is placed but does ill to the houses which it aspects. 7th house is primarily the house of contracts. Marriage and Business Partnerships are governed by 7th house. With Shani in 7th house marriage is generally very late. The spouse is likely to be much older or younger then the native. Having said that the marriage is successful inspite of many difficulties and frictions. The native is highly unlikely to resort for divorce unless other malefics have a say in it. Possible periods of separation from spouse owing to work or some other reason. Native or Partner maybe prone to extra-marital affairs.

     Business Partnership is highly unfavorable. If there is partnership then native must ensure all legal framework is agreed and signed so he gets some compensation in case of break-up. Business may end up bringing irrepairable losses. So native is advised to stick to service roles. If he decides to pursue a business then he must ensure proper legal procedures are followed, not neglecting any aspect of business, paying detailed attention to the daily handlings and working harder then he would do in service roles to ensure the business is a sucess. Native could face some problems during long distance travel or higher studies on foreign shores. Studies is somewhat poor unless other planets help. Constant pressure and unstability may drive away peace of mind. Native may have a dark complexion and low confidence. Lines, grey hair/baldness and other signs of old age should prop up earlier then normal. There is high chance of native settling abroad away from homeland and close relatives. 

     Some considerations in business and careful planning are required for Shani in 7th house. Marriage maybe late but generally the marriage survives. Native with Shani in 7th house needs to work on self-esteem and health. Though native may settle abroad he could still have cordial relationships with family. If marriage is not happening then mantras to get the husband/wife prescribed in article: Vedic Mantras are advised. If there is a problem in business and partnership then prayers to Lord Ganesha are ideal to remove obstacles. Prayers to Ganesha or Hanuman are also ideal for legal troubles. 

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