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     Shani is negativity, fear and oppression. 6th house looks after debts, disease and enemies. Two negatives combine to make a positive. This holds true in astrology as well. Shani does well in this house especially if there is a friendly or own rashi. There is victory over debt, disease and enemies. Native is famous and courageous. Native makes a lot of enemies but is victorious over them. He is blessed with long life albeit the drishti on 8th house may give some long, incurable disease in old age but overall the native is healthy and strong. Native is best advised to stay away from maternal relatives as frictions and indifference's may prop up. But a few natives do derive excellent benefits and have wonderful rapport with maternal relatives.

     Shani gives an excellent career if it is placed in the 6th house. Whether he is in service or owns a business the employees that work under him are loyal and very helpful. Native is philanthropic and donates generously to orphanage and poor. But sometimes the negativity of Shani and 6th house can make him into a stone hearted individual. Due care is needed to avoid that scenario. Shani's drishti are on 8th house, 12th house and 3rd house from his placement in 6th house. This works fine as Shani is natural lord of 8th house and 12th house. Having said that due care needs to be taken when dealing with in-laws, marriage partner, filing tax returns and managing hidden assets. The aspect on 12th house is known to give legal troubles and possible prison sentence especially if there is an enemy rashi in 6th house. Law Cases and Legal Procedures are many due to Shani in 6th house. Native's relation with siblings could be problematic and fights for property issues are possible. 

     Shani in 6th house is a great placement especially in a friendly rashi. It gives the necessary courage and stamina to fight against difficulties and emerge victorious. Most famous and successful personalities are those who have seen adversities and overcome them. Shani in 6th house is a god given gift to rise over difficulties in life and achieve success and stardom. If there is an enemy rashi then natives are advised to pray to a fiery god like Kaal-Bhairav or Goddess Kali. Prayers to Lord Hanuman or someone similar who is courageous, smart and patient would give wonderful benefits if Shani is causing problems in 6th house. Prayers to Lord Hanuman are also wonderful for legal troubles and in case where native may see possible confinement (prison sentence). 

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