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     Shani in 5th house is generally considered a bad placement. Shani placed in 5th house impacts the important portfolio's of marriage, business partnership, regular income, friends, social circle, monetary savings, family and speech. Also 5th house stands for entertainment, romance, fame, quick money via gambling or share markets as well as for children. Shani delays and retards results where it is placed so there could be problems with conceiving children. Perhaps females could have abortion while males could see problems with reproductive organs. Children could be born physically weak and would likely need to work very hard for low financial gains.

     Native with Shani in 5th house is advised not to try his luck in gambling or stock markets otherwise he stands to lose his fortune. Also regular income for livelihood could see many ups and downs via aspect on 11th house. Friends could be less and more frenemies possible. Drishti on 7th house could cause frictions with marriage partner. In some cases the native may fall in love and marry someone much older then his/her age. Business partnership is best avoided. Court cases could also be possible via aspect on the 7th house. The worst aspect is the aspect on 2nd house which causes loss of monetary savings and friction with family members at home. Shani's placement in 5th house could sometimes show failures in romantic relationship.

     As Shani is not so happy in this house it is necessary to stay away from the urge to earn quick money. Also native needs to take extra care around friends and not to reveal too many secrets to them. Business partnership is best avoided. In a marriage it is necessary to compromise and adjust a little especially during Shani Saade-Saati, Ketu Periods or when Ketu passes through 8th house. There should be a planned effort to save money. Tact and Diplomacy are required when dealing with family members and marriage partner. Prayers to a female goddess would serve good for native with Shani in 5th house. 

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