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     Shani in 4th house is decent placement for it. Although 4th house belongs to his enemy Chandra, Shani in this house fares somewhat better. Shani is "Sthanam Shubham Karoti, Drishti Hani Karoti" meaning it does great in the place where it is placed and does bad to the places where it aspects or casts a drishti. Shani from 4th house casts a watchful aspect (drishti) on the 6th house, 10th house and 1st house. The complexion of native could be dark and character a bit negative but on the bright side the native would be thin and fit unless bad placement are present in 1st house. Also he would exercise caution in life which is always great thing. Sometimes he may be surrounded by gloom and despair. 

     Shani's drishti on 6th house causes some long term ailments. The native maybe plagued by sickness in childhood. Also there are chances of disagreements, enmity and court cases. Shani drishti on 10th house is better if there is a friendly or own sign. If there is an enemy rashi or if the lord of 10th house is an enemy planet then there could be career instability, problems with career progress and disagreements with the superiors and co-workers at work place. But if there is a friendly sign native may see good career and reputation if he works hard for it. Shani in 4th house may make the native abandon his birth place and settle on foreign shores. Old age could see problems. On the bright side though there is stable education as long as there is no bad aspect on 4th house. Native is advised not to buy property in his name. He would have good property and peace as long as property is named after his mother, spouse or children.

     Shani in 4th house is comparatively better placement. As long as one is careful of physical and mental health everything else would work fine. If there are lot of health problems then prayers to one of the forms of Adi Shakti especially Durga, Kali and Amba is best. If there is anxiety and depression then prayers to Lord Shiva is best. For career stability prayers to Lord Ganesha and Lord Hanuman are the best. For old age woes regular chanting Mrityunjay Japa or Maha Mrityunjay Japa would suffice. 


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