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     Shani in 3rd house is a difficult placement considering the porfolio of third house and the drishti (aspects) of Shani on 5th house, 9th house and 12th house. 3rd house is governed by Mangal who Shani considers his enemy. Shani in third house creates frictions with siblings and neighbours. Native has problems getting his point across at workplace. Native may often have to constantly engage in short term travels for job or study purpose.

     Shani in 3rd house is not bad in terms of placement but could be horrendous via the aspects (drishti) it casts. Drishti on 5th house destroys or slows down the important portfolio's of knowledge gathering, romance and popularity quotient. Relationship with children may see ups and downs and loss in stock markets are quite possible. Drishti on 9th house may not be bad if there is a friendly sign or planet but if there is a enemy rashi then Shani's drishti from 3rd house makes the native non-religious, non-spiritual and not inclined towards higher studies. Maybe frequent unwanted long distance travel are also possible. Drishti on 12th house is the worst. Native could see a lot of difficulties, loss, hardships and sorrows in life.

     Before any native with Shani in 3rd house starts getting freaked out worry not cause there are always solutions to problems. Shani in 3rd house isn't bad if the native is careful in handling siblings, neighbours and co-workers. Natives should stay away from gambling and trade carefully in stock markets. Native should be optimistic as far as possible. Any shortcut route to fame and money should be avoided. Prayers and Faith in your favorite god would go a long way in negating effects of Shani. 

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