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Punarvasu Nakshatra Description

Punarvas is the 7th nakshatra among the 27 nakshatras. The benevolent Jupiter is the ruling planet, presiding diety is Aditi who is known as earth goddess and according to Vedic text was the mother of all devtas. Lord Ram was born with Moon in this nakshatra in Cancer Sign. Of the 4 Padas the first 3 Padas are in Gemini Sign while the remaining last pada is in Cancer Sign. Word 'Punarvasu' is derived from words 'Punar' and 'Vasu' which means 'Again' and 'Live' respectively. In broad terms Punarvasu signifies to Rise Again, to be Reborn. 

Physical Features

Native have good height and oval face. Punarvasu natives tend to be obese in later years of life. Male natives are handsome with long thighs. Some sort of identification mark is present on face or back of the head. Females have curly hair, prominent nose and sweet speech. 

Character & General Events

Punarvasu natives are well content in life due to benevolent Jupiter being the lord of this nakshatra. They generally refrain from illegal/criminal activities to attain their objective. They are simple and straight forward. They have complete faith in God and are inclined to follow their Dharma or Sense Of Duty. They are eager to serve the needy and do not like to cause trouble for others.

Education & Career

Generally they have a good education. Owing to their simple nature and contentment in life they are only moderately successful but rarely suffer from Poverty. Females are successful in most endavors they set out to do. Business partnership is ill-advised for Punarvasu natives. Though wealth maybe moderate, public reputation and dignity is high. Period upto 32 years is difficult. They have special ability to rise up from calamities and no sort of calamity can keep them down for long. They can have successful career in Acting, Teaching, Drama, Politics, Writing, Publishing, Philosophical Work, working as Scientists or Psychologists. 

Family Life

Punarvasu natives are the most obedient among the siblings. They have great respect for their parents and elders. They have a good circle of friends. For males a faithful, kind and polite partner is indicated though the partner may be prone to Sickness. Friction in marriage or with family members is indicated for male natives. For females the partner is caring and doting and children are loving. Female natives generally enjoy good family life. House remains orderly.


Caring, Loving, Nurturing, Simple Lifestyle, Satisfaction in Life, Friendly and Religious


Instability in a Relationship, Lack of Foresight, Kind and Generous Nature which can be Manipulated.


No major health concern is indicated apart from Gastric Problems for Punarvasu Natives.


Punarvasu natives should pray to Goddess Laxmi and fast on Thursdays. They can also pray to Lord Rama who was born in this Nakshatra and was known as Maryada Purshottam(Best among Man).

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