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Mrigashira Nakshatra Description

Mrigashirsha (also called Mrigashira) is the fifth nakshatra among the 27 Nakshatras studied in Vedic Astrology. It is located in the Orion Constellation. Of the 4 Padas, the first 2 Padas are located in Taurus Sign while the remaining 2 Padas are in Gemini Sign. The symbol for Mrigashirsha is an antelope's head while the gana is devta and the presiding deity is Moon. Mrigashirsha is ruled by Mars. 

Physical Attributes

Mrigashira natives born in Taurus Sign are slightly fairer as compared to those born in Gemini Sign. Mrigashira Natives are physically delicate and quite nervous and restless. They possess a stout body, tall height and moderate complexion along with thin legs and long arms. Females are mentally sharp with a lean body, a good face and facial expressions. 

Character & General Events

Natives are happy-go-lucky with a good sense of humor and quick wit. They enjoy communication both verbal and written. They are spontaneous, enthusiastic and love socializing. They are quite suspicious and can sense danger. Generally they love clothing and accessories. They have good grasping abilities and can learn and adapt very quickly. They are sincere in their dealings and expect the same from others. Blind trust on others leads to frustration, repentance and feeling of being cheated. They turn quite impatient when confronted with prejudice.

Education & Profession

Generally life up to 32 years sees problems in settling down. They have a creative nature but take time when they are placed in difficult situation. Mrigashira natives born is Taurus tend to float career paths before finally settling down. Mrigashira natives born in Gemini can make a good career in Accountancy. Besides that Poetry, Astrology, Engineering, Teaching and Administration are suggested. Mrigashira females are alert, quick-witted but sometimes prone to harsh speech. She is educated and fond of arts. Period up to 32 years is generally slow for career while the period from 33 to 50 years sees maximum career growth and satisfaction. Extra precaution is required to see money is not wasted in later years of life. 

Family Life

Despite of having innocent intentions and noble heart, Mrigashira natives rarely enjoy good sibling relationship. Spouse doesn't keep a good health. Natives are advised to avoid suspicion and sarcastic remarks for spouse. Mrigashira females like to control their husband and are the dominant personality in marriage. There are possibilities of failed romance before finally settling down in Marriage.


Sharp Intelligence, Strong and Independent Identity, Witty, Enthusiastic, Quick Learners, Youthful and Sensual.


Flirty, Impulsive, Fickle Minded, Need Constant Attention and Sensitive to Criticism.


Mrigashira natives suffer from Acidity, Constipation and shoulder problems in general. They may also suffer from goiter, pimples, venereal diseases. Females may also suffer from menstrual troubles. 


Mrigashira Natives born in Taurus Sign are better off praying to Lord Rama to keep traits like Flirting, Harsh Speech and Criticism in check while those born in Gemini Sign can pray to Lord Ganesha.

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