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Rohini Nakshatra Description

Rohini is the fourth nakshatra among the 27 Nakshatras studied in Vedic Astrology. The gana of Rohini is human and all the 4 Padas of Rohini are in Taurus Sign. Rohini is ruled by Moon and the presiding deity is Brahma who is the creator of the Universe. Rohini is symbolized by a chariot pulled by two ox. In Vedic Texts it is mentioned that Rohini was the most favorite wife of Moon(Chandra) among the 27 Constellations (all married to Moon) and Moon's impartial love towards Rohini and neglecting of other wives led Daksha Prajapati to curse Moon. 

Physical Attributes

Both males and females natives of Rohini have attractive eyes and graceful appearance. Males have a slender physique and females have a fair complexion. They are loved and honored due to their charming personality. 

Females born in this nakshatra are probably the most beautiful people on the Earth. They are fair, have attractive eyes, magnetic charm and heavenly face. They have a great figure as if an Artist took all his time to make a masterpiece. This holds especially true if Taurus and Rohini are in ascendant and Moon is located in Rohini. Similarly males born in Rohini are Attractive, Intelligent and Quite Pleasing to the eyes. They are born charmers and attract a great female following.


Character & General Events

Rohini is ruled by Moon and located in Taurus which is a sign ruled by Venus. Naturally the Rohini natives are emotional and attracted to finer things in life. They are highly imaginative and lovers or art, music, dance and sculptures. They have a charming and attractive personality yet can be quite stubborn at times. They are brilliant and attractive so a little ego does come up in them. Generally both males and females are very sensitive and extra caution is advised when dealing with them. Females are well dressed and well behaved but often short tempered and violent when instigated. They are beautiful and artistic and love fashion, arts and finer lifestyle. Rohini natives are happy and satisfied and generally do not hold grudges in life.

Education & Profession

Education is generally good baring certain yogas in horoscope. Rohini natives can be successful in both business and jobs. Career related to arts, fashion, sweet and juicy foods as well as materials and cosmetics is favorable. Agriculture especially growth of juicy fruits and vegetables can yield a good income. Extra caution is advised when going for business partnership for Rohini natives. Due to their emotional, kind and simple nature there is a high probability that Rohini natives can be manipulated in business partnership. Generally natives are honest, sincere and truthful at their workplace. 

Family Life

Natives are more attached to mothers and mothers relatives. Males and Females have good life partners and children. Natives are happy and satisfied due to kind and caring nature as well as the penchant for not holding any grudges. Natives are loved and honoured by their society due to being honest, sincere and gentle. Though sometimes stubborn and emotional nature causes problems for Rohini natives. Females are advised to avoid suspicion of their partners. 


Males natives can have harmonal imbalances due to mental stress. Diseases connected to blood and water are a possibility. Females are likely to suffer from irregular menses and pain in breasts. 


Since Lord Krishna was born in this nakshtra and nakshatra is in the rashi of Venus holding fasts on friday and praying to lord krishna could provide beneficial results. This is a feminine nakshatra in female sign(Taurus) so praying to a gentler version of Adi Shakti aka Goddess Laxmi or Goddess Parvati gives blessings from them. 

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