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     There is a global melt-down currently underway in emerging markets. In India those who do stock-markets have seen their stock values plunged due to IL&FS controversy. Can astrology accurately predict financial crisis? Well... Its not possible to predict every financial crisis that might come. Nor is it advised to bet all your hard-earned money on astrological predictions. But it is possible to predict some financial crisis before they happen. And that is based on analysis of planetary configuration at time of previous financial crisis.

     What has been observed is there are high chances of Saturn and Ketu being very close to each other at time of financial crisis. Or it could even be Saturn and Rahu. Another important point that has been observed is Saturn and Rahu/Ketu are generally in Capricorn Sign or Aquarius Sign or aspecting it at the time of financial crisis to happen. Lets look at timeline of few financial crisis that have happened. 

OPEC OIL Financial Crisis

     Started in October 1973, OPEC Oil crisis was refusal by Arab countries to sell oil to USA due to USA aiding Israel directly. At the time of crisis Saturn and Ketu were together in Gemini Sign. Both had just entered the Gemini Sign before few months and in few months they created a global crisis that is remembered even today. 

1991 USSR Dissolved and India Ends Licence Raj

     USSR in 1991 had to dissolve into several small countries due to close financial policies which resulted in economic crisis. 15 small territories were carved out of USSR and were awarded union or independent status as a result. India before 1991 also had economic meltdown due to licence raj which made it difficult to set up new industries and restricted foreign funding. India introduced economic reforms and sold a lot of gold to IMF in return for financial bail-out. At the time of economic reforms in India there were Saturn and Rahu in Capricorn Sign. At time of USSR dissolving Saturn and Rahu were very close to each other. 

 1997 Asian Financial Crisis

     In 1997 there was a crisis in Thailand with collapse of their currency which quickly spread to most part of Asia. Asian countries like Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia were also impacted by crisis in Thailand. Before the crisis began Saturn and Ketu were together in Pisces Sign. When the crisis was officially announced in July 1997 Ketu was in Twelfth House located from Saturn.  

2008 Global Financial Crisis

    Most adults know about the 2008 financial crisis. Economist and stock investors still tremble at the thought of similar calamity happening in stock markets. Lehman Brothers which is a financial org filed for bankruptcy in September 2008. Resulting problem spread all over the world and it took more then two years for global markets to recover. At the time of filing bankruptcy by Lehman Brothers Ketu was located in Twelfth House from Saturn. Saturn was aspecting Aquarius Sign while Rahu was positioned in Capricorn Sign. 

2018 IL&FS Financial Crisis

     IL&FS a major financial company in India has declared inability to clear dues. There is heavy investment in it by major players and some government orgs. Ironically when the crisis started around September 2018 there was Saturn located in Twelfth House from Ketu. This crisis doesn't seem like it would die down anytime soon according to financial experts. Planetary configurations in sky support that assumptions as Saturn and Ketu are just about to come together in March 2019. 

 Major Financial Crisis Looming

     With Saturn and Ketu very close to each other and later getting together its very likely possible to see another global meltdown. Until Ketu clears Sagittarius Sign which is around September 2020 its a scenario which cannot be ruled out.

Trade Safe to avoid troubles

     For next few years its advisable to stay away from blind risk or heavy investments in single stock or heavy gambling on market indices. Diversify your portfolio and invest in multiple sectors to minimise risk. 

Spread the word

     If you find this article useful please share it forward especially to those investing in stock markets or those involved in financial institutions so they can advise clients to stay away from major troubles. 

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