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What is Anapha Yoga? How is it formed?

When there are planets other then Surya in 12th rashi from the placement of Chandra then Anapha yoga is formed. The planets Guru, Shukra, Mangal, Budh, Shani and Rahu in 12th rashi from the placement of Moon give Anapha yoga.

Examples of Anapha Yoga in Horoscope

Results of Anapha Yoga

There are well-formed organs, majestic appearance and good reputation. The native is polite and generous. Also he is fond of dressing and sensual pleasures. In later life there are chances of renunciation and austerity.

Conditions of Anapha Yoga

Anapha Yoga works best when Guru or Shani are posted in 12th from Chandra. 12th house is the house of Moksha and having a spiritual Guru or Shani who likes to severe worldly ties is a great boon when placed in 12th position from the gochara chandra (chandra's placement at birthtime).


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