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What is Amala Yoga? How is it formed?

When counted from Chandra or Lagna if a benefic planet occupies the 10th house then Amala Yoga is formed. Guru, Shukra or Budh are natural benefics. Them occupying the 10th house counted from Chandra or Lagna is a possible case of Amala Yoga.

Examples of Amala Yoga

Results of Amala Yoga

Natives born with Amala Yoga will achieve lasting fame and reputation. They will lead a prosperous life and have a spotless character.

Conditions of Amala Yoga

If the lord of the 10th house is weak then Amala Yoga doesn't give the same results. Some texts say even a malefic in 10th house from Chandra or Lagna causes Amala Yoga. Amala in Sanskrit means clean and pure. With malefics like Shani, Rahu, Mangal, Surya or Ketu the clean and pure image may not be present but if native desires progress by any means then having one of them in 10th house is not a bad idea. In short Amala Yoga is caused even by malefics but means of income isn't so pure while with benefics the Amala Yoga gives good reputation, steady progress and positive character which is liked by all.


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