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What is Parvata Yoga? How is it formed?

When benefics occupy Vishnu Sthanas (1st house, 4th house, 7th house or 10th house) and the Dushamsthanas 6th house and 8th house are either empty or occupied by benefics then the yoga known as Parvata Yoga is formed.

Examples of Parvata Yoga

Results of Paravata Yoga

Natives with Parvata Yoga will be happy, prosperous, liberal, charitable and humorous. They could lead a organisation or even a medium to large team in an organisation. If yoga is powerful they may even be Commissioner or Mayor of a city or district. He will also be passionate.

Conditions for Parvata Yoga

There are three conditions which produce Parvata Yoga.

  1. When lord of 1st house (Lagna) and 12th house are in Vishnu Sthanas
  2. When there are benefics in Vishnu Sthanas and Dushamstanas 6th house and 8th house do not have any planets in them
  3. When there are benefics in Vishnu Sthanas and also in the Dushamsthanas 6th house or 8th house.

While these can get confusing it helps to remember that one malefic in Vishnu Sthanas as co-tenant or via aspect can negate all good effects of a benefic. So even if you have Parvata Yoga a malefic aspecting or situated as co-tenant is enough to negate its effects. Parvata Yoga is not rare. While this yoga does give a good personality and prestige in society it cannot shower riches promised by other yogas which are far more enticing and they don't have so many conditions for cancellation or fruition.


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