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What is Kahala Yoga? How is it formed?

Kahala Yoga is formed when lords of 4th house and 9th house are situated in Vishnu Sthanas from each other and lord of lagna is strongly disposed. Simply put it if lord of 4th house is located in 5th house then lord of 9th house should be located in either the 5th house or 8th house or 11th house or 2nd house. Also the lord of lagna should have a strong placement.

Examples of Kahala Yoga

Results of Kahala Yoga

Native will be stubborn and not well informed. Due to his bravery he could lead a small army or be head of a few villages.

Kahala Yoga natives could be excellent in Army and Police jobs. They could do well in any place where a bit of bravery is required. They are better advised to avoid jobs where information gathering is required. They are quick to think and act and career of similar mold could give steady and excellent progress.

Conditions for Kahala Yoga

Kahala Yoga is formed by placement of 4th house and 9th house in Kendras from each other. 4th house is the house of happiness and 9th house is the house of fortune and luck. Also the lord of lagna (1st house) needs to be strongly disposed. If lord of lagna is weak Kahala Yoga doesn't give good results.

Kahala Yoga is also formed if lord of 4th house is in uccha rashi or his own rashi being aspected or associated with lord of the 10th house. In this scenario also the lord of the lagna should be strongly disposed in order to receive the full effects of Kahala Yoga.


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