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What is Vesi Yoga? How is it formed?

If there are planets other then Chandra, Rahu or Ketu located in 2nd house from Surya (Sun) then yoga known as Vesi Yoga is formed in the horoscope.

Examples of Vesi Yoga

Results of Vesi Yoga

The person will be fortunate and happy in life. He will be virtuous and famous in life. He will have an aristocratic demeanor.

Conditions of Vesi Yoga

Planets like Mangal, Budh, Guru, Shukra and Shani located in 2nd house from placement of Surya can all cause Vesi Yoga. Malefics like Mangal and Shani cause Papavesi Yoga while benefics like Budh, Guru and Shukra cause Shubhvesi Yoga. Say if Surya is located in Simha Rashi then location of Budh, Guru or Shukra in Kanya Rashi will result in Shubhvesi Yoga but only placement of Budh would give excellent results. Other two planets are weak or debilitated in Kanya Rashi.

Similarly if Surya is located in Dhana Rashi the placement of Mangal and Shani in Makara Rashi will both cause Papavesi Yoga but that yoga would be extremely powerful as Mangal is exalted and Shani is in his own sign in Makara Rashi. The strength and weakness of Surya and planet in 2nd house need to be examined to judge the effects of Vesi Yoga.


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