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What is Obyachari Yoga? How is it formed

When there are planets other then Chandra located on either side of Surya i.e. the 12th house or the 2nd house from Surya then the yoga known as Obyachari Yoga is formed in the horoscope.

Examples Of Obyachari Yoga

Results of Obyachari Yoga

The native with Obyachari Yoga will be a eloquent speaker. He will have well-proportioned limbs. He will derive delight in everything he does and such people are generally well-liked by those around. Such natives have been observed to be rich and famous.

Conditions of Obyachari Yoga

Budh is generally located with Surya or around Surya. So nearly 80% of people have either Budh-Aditya Yoga or Obyachari Yoga. Even Shukra rotates at a very close angle to the Surya. But not everyone turns into an eloquent speaker or rich and famous personality. The reason is the strength of planets around Surya and placement of Surya need to be observed. If Surya is in Mesha Rashi then Shukra in Vrisabha Rashi would give a very strong Obyachari Yoga. Similarly Surya in Simha Rashi and Budh in Kanya Rashi would give a strong Obyachari Yoga but Budh's placement in Karka Rashi which is the rashi of his enemy Chandra does not guarantee a strong Obyachari Yoga. Always find the strength and weakness of planets in their placement before giving verdict on a particular yoga in horoscope.


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