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Dhanistha Nakshatra Description

Dhanistha Nakshatra is the twenty third nakshatra among the 27 Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology. The Gana(trait) for dhanistha is Rakshasha(Demonic) while the symbol is a drum. First 2 Padas are located in Capricorn Sign while the remaining 2 Padas are located in Aquarius Sign. Dhanistha is ruled by Mars and located in the signs of Saturn (both Capricorn Sign & Aquarius Sign are ruled by Saturn). Like all Mars-Saturn relationship the native of Dhanistha have a passive-aggressive personality.

Physical Features

Normally natives have a lean and tall body. In some cases short stature has also been observed. Native maybe pale if placement of Mars in horoscope is bad. Females like to dress well and wear colorful clothes. 

Character & General Events

Natives are energetic and achieve their goals through activeness and dedication. They are blessed with wit and knowledge and act quickly. They have high ambitions. They generally do not like causing troubles to others but once angered they are in no mood to forgive and forget the person who cause them anguish. They can wait for ages to get even with their enemies. They normally do not like disagreements and avoid them but if differences prop up they can be quite aggressive and even violent in some cases. 

Education & Career

Progress for them is observed after 24 years of life. Natives born with Moon in Aquarius Sign can become quite good Scientist, Historians and Researchers. Even career as a Detective, Spy or Secretary to a high ranking official is possible. Caution in advised when going into Business Partnership. Generally better careers are indicated in Service Roles. Other careers include Musicians, Engineering, Surgeons, Doctors, Mining among others. 

Family Life

Natives get on well with brothers and sisters. But relatives can cause a lot of embarrassment and problems. Partner has good qualities but not much help from in-laws is possible. There is improvement in finances post marriage. But marriage is generally late and in worst case scenarios no marriage has also been seen.


Insightful and Ambitious


Revengeful when Angered, Inconsiderate.


Not good for health and afflicted with many diseases. Prone to cough, anemia etc. Though no prolonged illness is suggested.


To calm the aggression and revengeful attitude prayers to Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva are suggested. Lord Shiva to get over the vengeful attitude and Lord Krishna to fill the heart with love for others.

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