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Shatabhisha Nakshatra Description

Shatabhisha is the twenty fourth nakshatra among the 27 Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology. All the 4 Padas of this nakshatra are located in Aquarius Sign. The gana(trait) of this nakshatra is Rakshasha(Demonic). The presiding diety is Varuna and the symbol for it is a circle. The nakshatra itself is ruled by Rahu. 

Physical Features

Shatabhisha natives have a soft body, wide head, attractive eyes and prominent nose. Male natives tend to be obese or healthy while female natives maybe lean and tall while also being fairly beautiful and elegant in disposition.

Character & General Events

Shatabhisha natives are a mixture of Saturn's seriousness and Rahu's unpredictability. Natives are honest and truthful but prone to anger. Their anger subsides after sometime. They are adamant in their views and lead a lonesome life in solitude. Due to unpredictability of Rahu the native may at times be talkative while other times they may prefer solitude. They are quite intelligent and efficient but can be good or bad depending on mood on a particular day. They are quite shy in approach and do not like pomp or show. Their hidden talents are often discovered over a conversation with strangers.

Education & Career

Period up to 32 years of life is trialsome. Period after 32 years sees constant progress. Education is good and native is ideally a scientist, researcher or doctor who invents new medicines and operating procedures. Female natives are controlled in emotions and not easily angered. Female natives generally maintain a good and respectable position in the community. Males are quiet and thoughtful but prone to sudden anger outburst. They live in solitude and do not care for small talk. 

Career in research, astrology, healing arts, astronomy, as doctors or in pharmacy is suggested among others.

Family Life

A lot of troubles indicated through family members especially brothers. Native may not derive much benefit through father but mother provides love and affection for the native. Not ideal for a happy marital life even though spouse is good. Illicit relationship possible but they remain hidden from eyes of society.


Truthful, forward thinking and perceptive


Lonesome, depressive and lacking self-confidence


Shatabhisha natives are prone to urinary diseases, breathing troubles and diabetes. May also contact venereal disease if proper care is not taken. Problems due to cold weather and problems of jaw possible.


Prayers to Lord Shiva help with matters of Rahu, Saturn and Moon. 

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