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Shravana Nakshatra Description

Shravana (sometimes called Sravana) is the twenty second nakshatra among the 27 Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology. The ruling planet is Moon for Sharavana and all the 4 Padas are located in Capricorn Sign which is ruled by Saturn. The Gana(trait) is Devta(Godly) and the symbol is three footprints. Shravana means 'To Listen' in Sanskrit and true to its meaning the natives are great listeners and lend an ear to the needy and troubled. Goddess Saraswati is said to be born in this nakshatra. 

Physical Appearance

Shravana natives have a very attractive appearance. They have a mesmerising smile. Their height tends to be short and a peculiar mark is observed on the face like a mole or disfigurement. Sometimes the mark is on the shoulders. They have a gentle speech and maintain decorum under most circumstances.

Character & General Events

Shravana natives have a high set of principles in their life. They are driven by Saturn's discipline and Moon's emotions. They like cleanliness and do not like untidy people. Natives are God fearing and respect their elders. They live an honest life and favor victory of honesty. Natives are very helpful to others but they themselves are bereft of any help from others. In some cases the natives may be deceived by others in return for their help and kindness. They live an honest life and do not like to get success via shortcuts or illegal routes. Natives rarely see extreme harsh circumstances. Female natives are kind and benevolent and have a very strong character with a calm appearance and personality. They have a gift to imbue courage in others. Males also share similar kind and helpful nature.

Character & Education

Good education is suggested with scholarships, reputed degree and knowledge all endowed in individual. Period upto 30 years sees some challenges and changes in life. Period between 30 to 45 years of life offers some stability. Period after 65 years shows remarkable progress both social and economical. Ideal career in Politics due to Tact, Diplomacy and Kind Nature. Besides that career in Mechanical Engineering, Technical Work, Petroleum or Oil Products is also favorable. Natives can be successful in both Business and in Service Roles. 

Family Life

Natives are fond of parents and genuinely cares for their parents. A great marriage is indicated with all the good qualities endowed in the partner. Natives are advised to stay loyal to their partners who are caring and understanding and not to fall for extra-marital affairs. 


Kindness, Charitable, Ethical, Discipline, Modest


Creates Debt (due to kind nature), Hypersensitive, Health Issues


Any association of Moon (lord of Shravana) + Saturn (lord of Capricorn Sign) is bound to create health complications. Natives may suffer from ear problems, skin diseases, eczema, rheumatism, tuberculosis and indigestion. 


Prayers to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Saraswati are suggested for the natives. Some prayers in evening or at night to Lord Shiva would also ease up tensions and worries.

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