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     Astrology might be a complex subject but reading a horoscope definitely isn't all that difficult. In this article we would look at how to study a North Indian Horoscope. Its used mostly in Northern India. You need to look at it counter clock vise but benefits are aspects are easy to draw. For Vedic Astrology all that needs to be known are 

  1. Nine Planets
  2. Twelve House
  3. Twelve Signs
  4. Twenty Seven Nakshatras(Constellations)

     That's it. Other things are not necessary for beginners. And also you need not study all the twelve signs or twenty-seven nakshatras either. Just studying about your ascendant sign as well as your moon sign and moon nakshatra would suffice. So all you need to know are nine planets, twelve houses, ascendant sign as well as moon sign and nakshatra. And you would know a lot about yourself. Rest of it you can learn later if you develop an interest in Astrology. In the example chart below we show the twelve basic houses in a North Indian Horoscope. 


     Once you know the twelve houses all you need to know is the astrological sign for the concerned house. The clue is in the associated number with each house. For example in the above provided chart Number 10 is associated with 1st House/Ascendant. So the concerned native has Capricorn Ascendant. Rest all that needs to be done is associate the number with the sign counter clock vise as provided in example below.


     Next up is see where the planets are placed. In the example chart below Ascendant House and Sign are empty and so are Second House and Sign. Third House has Jupiter and Rahu in it. So Jupiter is exalted in Pisces and co-tenant with Rahu in 3rd House. Mars, Mercury and Sun are located in Aries Sign in the Fourth House. This way you decipher the sign and house of the planets.


Afterwards all that needs to be done is read the effects of those planets in particular signs and particular houses. And by doing so you would get some idea about yourself and your habits. Its not fully accurate as aspects also play a role but aspects complicate things. Its necessary to get the basics right first. If you are new and afraid of learning astrology just try to learn as told above. Rest of it would fall in place eventually.

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