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     Vargottama is an important concept in Vedic Astrology. Vargottama relates to Main Chart which is also known as D-1 Chart and Navamsha Chart which is also known as D-9 Chart. The Vimshottari Dasha Period of the planet which is Vargottama provides favorable time and results to the native. 

What Is Vargottama Planet?

Simply put one needs to draw the Main Chart and Navamsha Chart side-by-side. If Main Chart is drawn on left side then Navamsha Chart shoud be drawn on right side. Now check the planet which is located in the same astrological sign in both the Main Chart and the Navamsha Chart. That planet is considered Vargottama Planet and the associated period in Vimshottari Dasha is when one can expect favorable results. 

How to Calculate Vargottama Period?

Quite simple. Check if there is a Vargottama Planet. Afterwards all that needs to be checked is the time when Vimshottari Dasha starts and ends for that planet and that period is what is known as Vargottama Period. Its available in most popular websites and software nowadays. In simpler terms follow two simple steps:

  1. Check to see if a planet is located in same astrological sign in Main Chart and Navamsha Chart. 
  2. Check when the Vimshottari Dasha period of that planet starts and end. The concerned number of years are known as Vargottama Period

Examples Of Vargottama Planet in Horoscope

vargottama planet example north
vargottama planet example north

Why to bother knowing about Vargottama Planet and Period's anyway's?

Lets give two simple examples to explain why you need to know if there is Vargottama Planet and associated Vimshottari Period of that planet. And why you need to work hard from start to ensure that period does not go to waste. 

Example 1: Stock Markets

When you do Stock Market Trading you are sure to select a particular script based on profit it can provide in short or long run. Imagine if you knew that price of a certain stock would give twice or more returns in few years time and it would give five times more returns then what banks and other savings methods could offer. Wouldn't you invest in that stock? 

Similarly Vargottama Period is a guarantee provided by Stars, Constellations, Planets and Cosmos of the coming favorable period. Its in hands of the native to make the most of that period and to ensure that the period would provide favorable results. Lets provide another example.

Example 2: Crop Plantation

If you know basic agricultural knowledge then you may know that Mangoes ripe in summer and need ten to fifteen years to give fruits. Rice on other hand are grown after first rain and during monsoon period as rice requires water to grow. Carrots are available more during the winter season and its better to plant them before winter period to ensure sufficient profits from carrots. Bottomline is you need to know the season and the associated fruits to ensure a better yield of crops and more profits. 

Similarly it is essential to know Vargottama Period of Planets(season/period) and the associated portfolios(fruits) of the planet. Vargotamma Period of Jupiter is better for education, religious pilgrimages, career which involves education, religion or diplomacy. Also one can go on foreign trips for religious, education or busines purpose. One can also travel to foreign countries as a representative of government. Basically one needs to focus on portfolios of Jupiter and work hard on them and Vargottama Period would give good results. Same rule applies for Vargottama Periods of other Planets. Just check if there is Vargottama Period of any planet and work hard on the associated portfolios. They are sure to give one good fruits. 

Vargottama Planets And Periods Is Equal To Opportunity Knocking Your Door

If you have Vargottama Period in your life then consider it blessings of previously done good karma. But if you don't work in right direction then that chance would be wasted. Its not enough to know you have a golden period coming up. Its also essential to work in the direction to ensure you reap maximum benefits from that Vargottama Period. Its necessary to donate items associated with the concerned Vargottama Planet and try other remedies to strengthen the good effects of the planet. Remember your Karma never goes to waste. But that Karma must be good otherwise there can't be good fruits possible in the Vargottama Period. 

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