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What is Malika Yoga

Malika Yoga is one of the wealth yogas described in B. V. Raman's 300 Important Yogas. The name "Malika" is a loose translation for the word "Mala" which means a garland in Sanskrit. When the seven grahas not counting Rahu and Ketu occupy seven consecutive houses the the yoga formed is called Malika Yoga. The seven planets in adjacent houses create a garland like chain in a horoscope so the term "Malika" is used to describe this yoga.

Examples of Malika Yoga

Results of Malika Yoga

  1. If the seven grahas form the Malika Yoga from lagna (1st house) then the native will live a life akin to a king, commander or a ruler. He would be quite wealthy
  2. If Malika Yoga is formed from 2nd house then be very wealthy. He would be dutiful and resolute in his approach. On the downside he could lack sympathy for others
  3. If Malika Yoga is formed from 3rd house then the native could be a rich ruler yet many physical ailment should persist and he should remain sickly. The native would gain loyalty of many braven men.
  4. If Malika Yoga is formed from 4th house then the native is charitable and wealthy.
  5. In 5th house the native becomes famous and highly religious
  6. In 6th house it gives adverse affects and makes the native poor and greedy.
  7. In 7th house the native is popular among males/females depending on the gender. Also he is quite influential.
  8. In 8th house it produces bad results and makes the native poor. Also the marriage partner and others around him are very critical of him.
  9. In 9th house this yoga blesses the native with good heart. Also he is born in a well-to-do family. He is religious and holds command over others.
  10. In 10th house the native becomes virtuous which earns him respect among others.
  11. In 11th house the native is skillful and blessed with a lovely wife or a gentle and charming husband.
  12. In 12th house the native become honored and respected due to his liberal approach.

Considerations for Malika Yoga

As explained earlier Rahu and Ketu cannot be counted for Malika Yoga to occur. This yoga is great in all houses apart from Dushamsthana houses where it produces bad results. Some astrological texts say this yoga can only occur from lagna and not from any other house.


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