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What is Sreenatha Yoga

Sreenatha Yoga is one of the wealth yogas described in B. V. Raman's 300 Important Combination. If the lord of 7th house is uccha in 10th house and if the lord of 10th house is with lord of 9th house then the yoga formed is known as Sreenatha Yoga. This yoga can only occur in Dhana Lagna as it is the only lagna where the lord of 7th house is uccha in 10th house.

Sreenatha is a name for Lord Krishna. There is a Sreenathji Temple located close to Udaipur, Rajasthan which is famous among the business communities of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Shree means luxuries and wealth. Natha means lord. Shree+Natha means lord of luxuries and wealth.

Examples of Sreenatha Yoga

Results of Sreenatha Yoga

The native will have a symbol on his body resembling one of the four items in the hands of Lord Vishnu namely a Sudarshan Chakra, Sankh, Gada or Kamal. He will be a good speaker, perform virtuous act which will make him revered by others as a God. He will have a good wife and children. He would be loved by all.

Considerations of Sreenatha Yoga

As explained earlier this yoga only happens in Dhana Lagna where lord of 7th house (Budh) is uccha in 10th house (Kanya Rashi is uccha rashi for Budh). Second condition requires lord of 9th house (Surya) to be with lord of 10th house. So Surya also needs to be located in the 10th house along with Budh. So in addition to Sreenatha Yoga this placement also guarantees a powerful Budh-Aditya Yoga if the angle between Budh and Surya is less then twelve degrees.


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