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What is Chapa Yoga? How is it formed?

Chapa Yoga is one of the wealth yogas described in B. V. Raman's 300 Important Yogas. If the lagna lord is uccha (exalted) and 4th house and 10th house lord are in Parivartana Yoga then the yoga formed is known as Chapa Yoga. The conditions for Chapa Yoga are simple

  1. The lord of 1st house(lagna) should be exalted.
  2. The 4th house lord should be in 10th house.
  3. The 10th house lord should be in 4th house.

Examples of Chapa Yoga

Results of Chapa Yoga

Native with Chapa Yoga in his horoscope would hold an important position in the government possibly a diplomat/government official close to minister in cabinet or an important minister in the cabinet himself. Native would be wealthy and have influence and control over monetary spending by the government or monarch.

Considerations for Chapa Yoga

As with any yoga the strength depends on the equation and placement of planets involved in the yoga. If 1st house lord is exalted in a Vishnu Sthana, Laxmi Sthana, 2nd house or 11th house then it gives better fruits for Chapa Yoga natives. Also lord of 4th house and 10th house who do Parivartana Yoga give better results if they are friendly planets.

This yoga maybe a yoga for wealth but compared to other wealth yogas responsibilities are more for Chapa Yoga natives. 1st house stands for character integrity and 10th house stands for career responsibilities. As conditions for Chapa Yoga involve both 1st house and the 10th house it is imperative that the native puts his moral values and career prestige before personal well-being. The involvement of 4th house ensures happiness for Chapa Yoga native but compared to other yogas for wealth, monetary freedom is less and moral responsibility is more even though the native is in control of large pool of funds.


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