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What is Gauri Yoga? How is it formed

Gauri Yoga is one of the yogas mentioned in B. V. Raman's 300 Important Combinations. When an exalted lord of Navamsha (1st house in Navamsha Chart) along with lagna lord (1st house lord) or 10th house lord join in the 10th house.

For example take a native with Karka Lagna in natal chart and Simha Lagna in Navamsha Chart. Now this native has Surya as lord of Navamsha Chart (Surya is lord of Simha Rashi). In his natal chart which has Karka Lagna this native should have Surya in 10th house along with Chandra who is lord of lagna or Mangal who is lord of 10th house. This is enough to guarantee a Gauri Yoga.

Some astrologers believe that Gauri Yoga is also possible if Chandra and 9th house lord in natal chart are in uccha rashi(exaltion) or swakshetra(own sign) in a Vishnu Sthana or Laxmi Sthana.

Results of Gauri Yoga

Person will belong to a respectable family and will own a good amount of land assets. He will be charitable and perform religious duties well. He would be praised by all people around him. He would also be blessed with a child of good character.


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