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General Characteristics Females

   Capricorn Sign is a movable sign, female by gender and earthy by nature. The lord of Capricorn Sign is Saturn. General consensus for Capricorn Ascendant is success comes late in life and first part is generally full of struggles. It has been known to produce many political leaders.

Benefics and Malefics

Venus is the most powerful benefic being the lord of 5th House and 10th House. Also Mercury and Saturn are benefics.

Mars, Jupiter and Moon are malefics. Mars is the worst malefic.

Sun is neutral for Capricorn Ascendants

Physical Features

Females with Capricorn Ascendant have small eyes with big pupils like a deer. They have short to medium height. They look stout and a bit muscular compared to other females. There is a black mark on face, thigh or neck. Hair is black and sometimes messy. Complexion is dark brown or olive depending on geography. They have a very serious demeanor. They could have dimples on face. 


This is the ascendant of Saturn and like Saturn the female natives are slow and methological in approach. Female natives are economical, careful, reasonable and practical. They are calculative and business minded and do not take unnecessary risk in life. Due to their over cautious approach success comes late in life. Their progress is always slow and steady. They have good organizational skills and practise tolerance which gives them the desired success in life. Unless ascendant has evil influence there is a good chance that the female natives are honest, sincere and reliant. If there are evil influences on ascendant the opposite scenario is true. They face many difficulties in early part of life but they have all the qualities to overcome them. In terms of career they can carve out an excellent career in Politics, Judicial System, as Lawyers, Government Jobs, Software and Hardware Development, Design of Jewelry, Interior Designing, Fashion Design and Perfumes. 

Marriage & Family

Marriage for the Capricorn Ascendant females comes very late. They themselves prefer to carve out their career before going for nuptials The partner is fair complexioned, caring and emotional. He is the support system which the female native can always rely on. Unless there are very bad aspects on 7th house and 8th house the female natives are unlikely to divorce. Female natives are warned not to be jealous or angry in marriage. Partner is caring and trustworthy though somewhat emotional. Relationship with family is good. They share good rapport with brothers and sisters. They could have frictions with mother. Father is the more caring parent for them and unless bad aspects are there on 10th house they love father more then the mother. 


Diligent, Trustworthy, Practical, Methodological, Economical, Good Organisers, Calm and Tolerant.


Jealously, Get Angered Easily, Serious Attitude, Unable to Enjoy Life fully, Pessimist and Suspicious of others.


Too much thinking affects health and they often fall ill. They are likely to have problem in knee joints in later life. Perhaps a knee-replacement surgery is possible. Other diseases like diabetes, blood plessure and skin disesase likely. Problems in reproductive organs, kidney and Urinary Tract Infection are all possible. 


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