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General Characteristics Females

     Aquarius Sign is a fixed sign, windy by nature and male by gender. The lord of Aquarius Sign is Saturn. The only downside for natives with Aquarius Ascendant natives is marriage.

Benefics and Malefics

Venus is the best benefic being lord of 9th House and 4th House. Sun and Mars are also benefics.

Jupiter and Moon are malefics.

Mars is neutral.

Physical Features

Females born in Aquarius Ascendant are tall and decent looking. They have dark skin and black eyes. Hair is shiny and black. They look simple yet elegant. They have broad shoulders and a strong physique. They may appear nervous sometimes. Veins are visible on hands and feet


Compared to females of other ascendants, Aquarius Ascendant females are simple, easy going and straight forward. They care little about fashion, looking good and getting ready as long as Venus or Rahu don't influence the ascendant. They may not be organized like Capricorn Ascendant females but they are quite trustworthy and have good foresight. They have been known to panic in certain situations. They are slow and take time to get a grasp of things. Once they get a good grasp of things then they work confidently and with relative ease. They may be slow to understand but that doesn't mean they are not intelligent. They carefully analyse pros and cons of everything and then start to work in that direction. They can have a wonderful career as doctors and surgeons. They can also work in pharmaceutical companies especially oral medicines, research, navy, making medicines out of poisons, government jobs, Management among others. They can also try their luck in acting and entertainment. 

Marriage & Family

The marriage for females is topsy-turvy. The 7th house for female natives is the Leo Sign which is ruled by Sun. The partner is artistic, has a lot of flair and supreme confidence in himself. He loves to show off and maybe somewhat arrogant. The simple and straight forward females of Aquarius Ascendant do not take too much of a liking to that. Aquarius Ascendant females are caring and affectionate but do not like public display of affection. Unless there are favourable aspects on the 7th house the marriage has frictions and misunderstandings. Though divorce is ruled out unless other factors in horoscope suggest so. The relationship with sibling is somewhat inimical. Relationship with mother is great while relationship with father may vary depending on aspect and influences on 10th house.


Tolerant, Truthful, Honest, Far sighted, Kind, Trustworthy and Good Memory.


Prone to Mental Breakdowns, Rigid Approach, Somewhat Lazy, Slow to take Action.


Females may suffer from cough, cold, flatulence, indigestion and even problems in intestine and excretory systems. They could also have problems in leg tendons. 


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