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General Characteristics Males

   Pisces Sign is a dual sign, watery element and female by gender. It is sign lorded by the benevolent Jupiter. Natives born in this ascendant rise to a successful place in a manner which benefits everyone around them. Unless there are negative influences on ascendant or lord Jupiter, the native is sure to be an asset to the society living in harmony and practising empathy with one and all.

Benefics and Malefics

Moon and Mars are benefic.

Saturn, Sun, Venus and Mercury are malefics.

Jupiter is neutral.

Physical Features

Males have short to medium stature and round physique. Many a times they look obese and generally gain weight in later part of life. Hair is brownish or black. They have small pair of hands and legs. Skin color is fair. Face is attractive with a set of big, beautiful eyes.


Males with Pisces Ascendant are calm and good natured. They practise empathy and are helpful to everyone around them. They are civilized and hate conflicts. They are blessed with wisdom and knowledge which makes them quite popular among friends. Some macho type males hate their calm and passive nature but most of the males and female friends are supportive of them. They have great imagination and can make a wonderful career as a author, fictional writer or even as a script writer for movies. Over and above they can be good counselors, teachers, philosophers and even work in accounts. They can also work in government department, Politics, hardware and software engineering. They can also be successful at business provided they give care and concern to customer queries. It is possible for them to have many changes in career.

Marriage & Family

Marriage for Pisces Ascendant males is a happy one as long as the partner is not too critical of the native. They are loving and affectionate people and love a partner who cares the same way for them. Unless there are bad influence on 7th house they are unlikely to divorce. The partner needs to draw boundaries when being overtly critical of the male natives as they may take it personally. Pisces Ascendant males are calm and passive and not the type to challenge or confront anyone when they are criticised. They get on well with family members but may have some problems with siblings. They have a good rapport with mother and father. 


Civilized, Happy Nature, Emotional and Caring, Simple, Well Read, Positive Thoughts and Attitude.


Lazy, Passive, Gets Tired Easily, Low Self-Esteem, Suspect to flattery. 


They have weight problems, heavy cough and cold, diabetes, fever, dehydration, jaundice, typhoid and other water related diseases.


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