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General Characteristics Females

     Libra Sign is a movable sign, windy by nature and male by gender. The lord of Libra Sign is Venus. Some of the greatest leaders of world be it M. K Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu and Jimmy Carter were born with Libra as ascendant. It is the ascendant for Kings and Leaders who would shape the future of people. Ofcourse not everyone turns out like that but they have the right ingredients to change destiny of people especially if Swati Nakshatra is rising at time of birth.

Benefics and Malefics

Saturn, Mercury and Venus are benefics. Saturn is the best benefic being lord of 4th House and 5th House.

Sun, Jupiter and Moon are malefics.

Mars is a neutral who sometimes gives good results.

Physical Features

Libra Ascendant females are medium to tall build. They have a Square or Oval faced with long hands and fingers. The women are fair and beautiful. Even if the skin is dark they look very attractive. They have dimples on cheeks or chin. Most of them have dimples in leg joints. They have a mesmerizing voice. Females are slim with curves at the right places. Sometimes females are born with a nose that draws more attention then other parts of face. Margaret Thatcher is a great example of that. Unless Jupiter is associated with Mars, Saturn or Ketu they are likely to put on weight in later part of life.

Personality For Females

Female native has a distinct quality of analyzing the merits and demerits of the scenario and then giving sound judgement. It is especially true if Moon occupies the ascendant. They have a refined and gentle speech and personality. They are fashionistas and fond of colorful dresses, perfumes and cosmetics. They have a very pleasant nature and hate conflicts. Having said that they are quite critical of others style of dressing and approach. But when others offer similar treatment they can't take it on the chin. They talk like an intellect but that is all aristocracy of Venus at work. They can carve out an excellent career in Fashion, Design of Jewelry, Cosmetics, Designer Roles in software consultancy firm. They can have a wonderful career in Arts, Painting, Movies and even Politics. 

Marriage & Family

Libra Ascendant females have Aries Sign (a fiery sign) in 7th house. While physical attraction is great among female natives and partners it often causes frictions. Mars the lord of Aries Sign and Venus the lord of Libra Sign have different sets of agendas and principles. If there is any sort of Mars-Venus connection in horoscope then there is bound to be intense physical attraction, followed by hurried marriage, followed by frictions and finally ending up in painful and sour divorce. Natives have friends who like royalty and aristocracy. They like comforts in life and can't stand the idea of sweet and simple lifestyle. 


Just, Happy Go Lucky, Truthful, Forgiving, Practise Discretion, Kind, Refined Speech.


Moody, Spend too much time and money on fashion, Lonesome, Quite Sexual, Sentimental, Aristocrats, Low Tolerance to Criticism and Jokes but love to criticize and make fun of others.


Long term ailment like cough and cold often remain. Skin problems and Eye problems are also a bother. There are diseases related to stomach, intestine and bladder. They can often have Urinary Tract Infection. Female natives are likely to suffer from weight problems in later part of life. 


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