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General Characteristics Males

        Scorpio Sign is a fixed sign, watery by nature and female by gender. The lord of Scorpio Sign is Mars. The current Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi was born in this ascendant. He has the auspicious Mars+Moon in first house. But even if this combination is not present as long as Mars is in good position it is a very nice ascendant to have. The symbol for Scorpio Sign is a Scorpion and the english name for it is also scorpio. In accordance they have traits of vengeance, hatred and poison in their minds. 

Benefics and Malefics

Moon is the best benefic and Jupiter and Sun are also benefics.

Mercury and Venus are evil for this ascendant

Mars and Saturn are neutrals.

Physical Features

Natives with Scorpio Ascendant have big eyes. They are tall and muscular. Their speech is clear and most of times direct. Face is broad. Depending on geography skin color is dusky or light brown. A unique physical feature is an injury mark on face. They have a thin neck. They walk very fast and appear very determined. They have a tendency to go bald as they age. 


Males of Scorpio Ascendant are smart and creative. They are courageous, determined and independent in approach which are all qualities of the lord of the ascendant Mars. But they also have negatives qualities of Mars like anger and haste. While they may look nice they are quite full of hatred and vengeance. They are very serious in thought and approach and like to get the work done. They can have an excellent career in administration, covert operations, politics, as an entertainer, musician, acting, navy, marine biology and even back-door diplomacy. They could also make an excellent Doctor and Surgeon. 

Marriage & Family

Not the best ascendant for marriage. The partner is beautiful, full of virtues and intelligent yet the native himself is full of jealousy, poison in mind and anger which makes the marriage unsustainable. It is imperative to understand that the partner is the better half in marriage. Unless there are negative aspects or placement in the 7th house the partner is loving and caring individual. The relationship with siblings and parents is also likely to be difficult. But these ill-effects come to pass if a gentle planet like Jupiter occupies ascendant. Placement of Rahu and Venus in ascendant could only make matters worse. Venus is romance and Mars is Aggression and placement of Venus in the ascendant of Mars could make for a sex-obsessed individual. Males natives of this ascendant should at all time practise discretion and respect females right to make her own choices. A brief moment of vanity could ruin your life as well as the life of a unsuspecting female especially if Venus and Mars both occupy ascendant or 6th house. Marriage shouldn't be hasty and natives should carefully weight pros and cons of partner using head and not the heart or physical attraction for partner. 


Firm Conviction, Decisive Actions, Workaholic, Courageous, Good Memory.


Hasty, Cruel, Conniving, Selfish and Lonesome.


Blood Pressure, Arthrites, Haemorrhoids (piles), indigestion, hernia, ovarian and sexual organ problems, cancer in sexual organs, accidental injuries are all possible. 


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