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General Characteristics Females

   Sagittarius Sign is a dual sign, male by gender and fiery in nature. The lord for Sagittarius Sign is the wise and benevolent Jupiter. This ascendant is known to produce genius in many fields according to combinations in ascendant or aspect on the ascendant. It is a great ascendant for males and females as long as anger is controlled. 

Benefics and Malefics

Mars and Sun are benefics.

Venus, Saturn and Mercury are evil.

Jupiter and Moon are neutrals

Physical Features

Females born with Sagittarius Ascendant have a long oval face. They have beautiful chubby cheeks. Neck is long and height is short to medium. They have slanty and beautiful eyes. Eyes are often hazel in color. They have big ears and a long forehead. Teeth are symmetrical  and they have a wonderful smile but often there are dental problems. If ascendant is located in Purva Asadha nakshatra then natives are somewhat round. Otherwise if ascendant is located in Mula or Uttara Asadha then there are very high chances that the female native is slim. Skin Color may vary depending on geography, aspects and placements of planets on the ascendants but it can be somewhat darker compared to normal complexion found in native's place.


Females with Sagittarius Ascendant are confident, fiery and honest in thoughts and action. They have all the good qualities of Jupiter like compassion, kindness and friendly approach with everyone. One of the greatest assets of Sagittarius Ascendant is good health, vigor and vitality. Bad qualities of Jupiter like laziness and procrastination are surprisingly absent in natives with Sagittarius Ascendant. But qualities of Ketu (lord of Mula) like anger and of Sun (lord of Uttara Asadha) like arrogance, talking behind others back and of Venus (lord of Purva Asadha) like Jealousy are all present to an extent. Females of this lagna are ambitious and aspiring and generally rise to great position in life. They have a great intuition. They can have a wonderful career in Government Organizations, Judiciary and Educational Sector. They can make wonderful doctors also. They can also carve out an excellent career in Research and Doctarate Programmes.

Marriage & Family

Females of this ascendant are educated and very likely to opt for higher education. The partner for them would be talkative and witty. The problem for Sagittarius Ascendant natives is 7th house belongs to the enemy Mercury. Females of Sagittarius Ascendant are genuine, smart and intelligent and that doesn't go down well with partners who are over-smart, talkative and argumentative. Sagittarius Ascendant females do not divorce as easily but there are always frictions bound in marriage. Also females with Sagittarius Ascendant have to be the smart and forgiving types in marriage. Relationship with family and siblings is not good either as both 2nd house and 3rd house are ruled by Saturn.


Kind, Happy, Satisfied, Independent in Thought and Approach, Confident, Truthful, Simple, Compassionate, Patient and Calm.


Critic, Sarcastic, Easily Angered, Bit Lazy, Unable to Trust Others.


Problems of eyes, ears and teeth. Often visit dentists. Other diseases include typhoid, pain in joints, stomach problems, heart diseases. 


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