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     Fear is an important tool that drives modern day astrology. Today astrology is filled with frauds who just fool customers. Rule of demand and supply applies to astrology also. If there is a demand for superstitious remedies then there would be a supply for it by frauds. 

     Superstition is hard to fight against cause it is natural tendency to find faults in outer surroundings and put faith in external factors rather than erase internal self-doubts. Some of the most successful people on this planet are superstitious so its not that only weak-minded people believe in superstition. Its fine if you believe in a little superstition. But there are some souls who are so doubtful that they waste their whole life in performing superstitious remedies. They believe in waking up on the right side of bed everyday and doing everything in auspicious timings. They don't mind marrying a dog or tree to remove future marriage troubles that might pop-up. They also put lemon and chilli on their shop door cause they believe that bad sister of Goddess Laxmi would enter and wreak their business if they don't. They say "bless you" when someone sneezes instead of telling that person to put a handkerchief on mouth. 

     Most of these superstitious people are born with a weak Moon. Moon is significator of mind in astrology. A weak Moon generally implies that life would give them hardships, failures and heart-breaks which in-turn raises self-doubts and weakens the mind. These inner self-doubts sooner or later turn into superstitions.  People born with Visha Yoga generally have a life full of miseries and hardships. They often turn to superstition to remove hardships and difficulties from their life. People born under Grahan Yoga especially when Rahu combines with Moon suffer from weak mind and are susceptible to superstition. Mercury signifies the neurological system. Mercury placed with Pluto is also quite likely to make a person superstitious. Sun is responsible for will-power and health of a person. Sun in bad condition or placed with Rahu also makes will-power very weak and many times drives a person towards superstition. 

     If you have bad yogas like Visha Yoga, Grahan Yoga or Moon, Mercury and Sun in bad condition in horoscope then there are high possibilities that you would have a life full of hardships and sorrows. Its quite natural to have self-doubts when you see nothing but hardships. Mind can play tricks during bad times and a person can become superstitious. This is turn lets frauds take advantage of them. Its necessary to keep faith in oneself and in power of good karma. No astrologer and no astrological remedy is as powerful as good karma in removing difficulties and adversities from one's life.

Note: The astrological findings are work of astrologers Dr. Pankaj Nagar and Dr. Rohan Nagar published in a popular newspaper daily.

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