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     Heart Blockages or Stones in Kidney, Gallbladder or Urine Tract are not a rare case today. With advances in Medical Field there is absolutely no need to rely on Astrology to predict these diseases. Astro Isha has always maintained to be hold Science and Reasoning above Astrology which is a predictive subject. Astrology like all subjects needs new research and data to validate theories. What has been observed from study is generally Saturn is involved in blockages and association of Saturn and Mercury seems to cause Stones in the body. 

     Saturn is generally feared for misery and difficulties it brings. But one of the traits of Saturn is to slow down things or narrow down chances of success. In the body it acts on the arteries, veins, intestine tubes and urine system. It blocks or narrows down these parts to cause complications. In the heart region it causes narrowing down of arteries. Eventually arteries in heart region are unable to pump blood to rest of body and so blockages and heart attack occur. Not many would notice but Saturn or Rahu in or around Fourth House or aspecting the Fourth House is generally the time when Heart Blockages are diagnosed. Ofcourse this cannot be proved as of now due to lack of horoscope data. But observation of a few horoscope has shown that Saturn or Rahu generally lead to Heart Blockages and Open Heart Surgeries. 

     Stones in various parts of the body are quite common these days. Stones in Kidney and Urine Tract/Bladder occur mostly via Calcium Deposits. Saturn rules over teeth and bones which are rich in calcuim. A strong Saturn transiting or aspecting Sixth House(Kidney Part) or Seventh House(Bladder Tube and Bladder) increases calcium content in those areas. And Saturn is known to narrow down paths. In this case the urine path is blocked or narrowed down via stone formed of calcium deposits. A few horoscope observation does suggest that Mercury is also involved with Saturn to form stones in various parts of the body.  Mercury is a planet which has excess of earth element. In other words the minerals like calcium or salts are controlled by Mercury. Saturn is known to narrow down and solidify. Saturn solidifies the salts, bile and cholesterol in gallbladder to make gallstones. It solidifies the calcium which reaches kidney via water and prevents the flushing of the calcuim parts via urine path to form a stone in Kidney or Urine Tract/Bladder. As mentioned above this cannot yet be proved for certain due to lack of horoscope data.

     If and when samle data from horoscopes are available with symptoms of blockages and stones then only concerete results would be obtained. If you have suffered via such diseses then kindly get in touch with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with time of symptoms and your horoscope details. Again Astro Isha wishes to inform its readers not to rely on Astrology for cure of such diseases. These subjects are only for research via Astrology. Real treatment is only possible via consultation from proper Medical Experts.

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