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Planets Causing Mental Diseases

   Those who have been suffering from depression, uncontrolled aggression, anxiety, phobias, hallucinations and other mental diseases have certain planetary combinations which affect their thought patterns. Mental diseases today are common and many people have trouble dealing with them.

   Mental Disease are caused by the following planets or combinations:

  1. Sun
  2. Moon
  3. Mercury
  4. Saturn
  5. Rahu
  6. Ketu

Mental Disease and Planetary Combinations

  1. Sun: Sun in a good condition gives a strong will-power. But Sun placed in one of the dushamsthanas, along with Rahu or with Saturn is sure to make a person take rash decisions, get angry, lack the will-power and above all cloud judgement. This later leads to emotional turmoil as willpower in native is lacking to come out of difficulties.
  2. Moon: Moon represents the mind. The biggest factor for depression is a weak moon. Moon along with Saturn causes Visha Yoga. Native encounters a lot of hardships and this is in turn makes him cruel, lacking trust and empathy. Visha Yoga is the foremost reason for depression. Moon along with Rahu or Ketu is no good either. Rahu clouds the mind with unnecessary fear and phobias. While Ketu gives uncontrolled aggression often bordering on maniac depression. Moon along with Mercury causes neurological disorders. Moon alone in an enemy sign like Aquarius causes worries and anxieties of unlimited proportions.
  3. Mercury: Mercury rules over neurological processes. It causes diseases related to sensory inputs. The mind has trouble sending signals to body parts to perform various functions. Mercury does not cause mental troubles unless it receives mutual aspect from Moon. In this case there are neurological disorders as well as diseases like depression, anxiety and others. Generally Mercury with enemy planets suggests some sort of communicative troubles be it physical communication or mental communication.
  4. Saturn: The worst offender after weak Moon. Saturn produces unlimited anxiety and worries. Depression and gloominess are other names for Saturn. Saturn may also turn native into a maniac. Saturn rules over fear and causes many type of phobias. Saturn along with Sun, Rahu or Moon just makes matters worse. Saturn giving mutual aspect to Mars is no good either and causes Angaraka Yoga which gives mood swings.
  5. Rahu: Rahu is associated with illusions. Rahu causes depression in patients when placed with Moon or Sun.
  6. Ketu: Ketu is like Mars in that it has a lot of anger. But Mars anger explodes from time to time and quickly subsides. That is why there are no mental troubles due to Mars. But Ketu on other hand keeps accumulating anger inside native. Sooner or later that anger causes aggression, mania and other mental troubles related to anger management.

Super Cure

Right Way To Speak


shiva   There is no better cure available which does the miracle that the mantra: OM NAMAH SHIVAAY does. It removes all the illusions, all depression, all the maniac thoughts, all the anxieties, all worries, all fear and phobias. This mantra remedy should not be seen through prism of religion. You need not believe in Hinduism or Shivaite traditions to speak this mantra. The vibrations associated with this mantra are The Super Cure.

   Of course the mantra is not powerful if it is done as plain recitation. As explained earlier this is a vibration therapy. The vibrations produced from speaking this mantra are the key to removing mental troubles. And like all therapies effects are not permanent either. This vibration therapy needs to be recited on daily basis in the morning, evening or at night. If this vibration therapy is done with an open mind and without any prejudice then it is sure to work and remove mental ailments.

Ayurveda and Pharmacological Medicines

   Ayurvedic medicines made from Ashwa Gandha plants are quite effective in treating mental disorders. Even modern day medicines can cure mental ailments. There are many medical drugs which are helpful in control and cure of mental diseases.

Pranayam and Jogging

   Pranayam are the next best natural cure for mental ailments. Anulom Vilom, Bhrahmari and Udgeeth Pranayam are three great natural ways to cure mental ailments. Also Pranav Pranayama is great to cure mind of worries and tensions.

   Jogging and Walking for forty minutes are natural ways to remove Mental Ailments especially depression.

Diet For Mental Ailments

   If you are vegetarians then eat lots and lots of pulses. Most of the pulses aid mental health and neurological processes. Regularly consume food like banana and walnuts as they are known anti-depressants. Drink cow's milk if possible on regular basis as it contains high levels of potassium. Consume honey instead of sugar as much as possible.

   If you are non-vegetarian then consume fish and eggs more compared to other meat products. Avoid red meat at all costs.

The Present Is The Present

   The trouble with mental ailments is it takes a lot of time to cure especially heavy depression, phobia, mania and other mental ailments. There are no shortcut cures for mental diseases. But just cause recovery is slow as compared to other diseases does not mean the remedies are not working. If you feel slightly better by medicines, exercise, mantra remedy and other treatments then do not leave them half way.

   One of the biggest causes of mental disease are the regrets of past and worries of future. That is why the present is a gift to be savored. As Master Oogway pointed out in movie Kungfu Panda: Yesterday is History, Tommorrow is Mystery but Today is a Gift. That is why it is called The Present. Check the video out.


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